[EN DIRECT] All the developments of the pandemic

Whether in Quebec or elsewhere on the planet, the COVID-19 pandemic has been disrupting our lives for several months.

Here you will find all the news throughout the day related to this crisis affecting the population, governments and the economy.



Case : 33 378 462
Death : 1 002 129


Case: 155 301, 72 651 in Quebec

Death: 9,278 deaths, 5,826 in Quebec

All the news for September 29

8:49 am | Boris Johnson feels “fitter” on diet after contracting COVID-19.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has been gravely ill with COVID-19, said on Tuesday he felt “fitter” after dieting following his hospitalization.

The 56-year-old Conservative leader spent three nights in intensive care in April after being infected with the novel coronavirus and questions about the impact of the disease and on his health have continued over the months.

“I am fitter than I was,” said the Prime Minister, responding to a journalist’s question about his state of health after a speech on the topic of education.

“When you got to about 111 kg, like I did, for about 1.78 meters, it’s probably a good idea to lose weight, that’s what I did. And I feel a lot better, ”he said.

A man of the weight and height mentioned by Boris Johnson would have a body mass index (BMI) of 34.9 and would be considered obese, according to an online calculator from the British public health service.

This is not the first time Boris Johnson has boasted of being in good health, having even gone so far as to do push-ups in front of reporters to prove his fitness. He was recently pictured running with a sports coach in St James’s park, near Downing Street.

7:46 am | Merkel wants new restrictive measures.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday called for further restrictive measures to tackle the coronavirus pandemic amid rising infections in the country and as winter looms.

The conservative leader, who brings together the leaders of the 16 regional states in the afternoon, wants to be able to limit the number of participants to a private party to 25 and to 50 for a party in a public space in the event of a recent increase in number of cases, according to the draft text to be adopted during this meeting and of which AFP has obtained a copy.

“Due to the drop in temperatures, extended stays in closed spaces during the fall and winter and the looming flu season, we now need to be particularly vigilant, especially in the organization of leisure time. and private parties ”, underline the various political leaders.

In restaurants, cafes and bars where each customer must leave their contact details, fines of a minimum of 50 euros will also be imposed if people provide false information.

In some areas particularly affected by the virus, the sale of alcohol may also be temporarily restricted.

6:58 am | Red zone: allowed or prohibited? Open or closed?

[EN DIRECT] All the developments of the pandemic

Dominick Gravel / QMI Agency

6:52 am | Covid-19: Macron judges that “never so many sacrifices” have been asked of young people.

Emmanuel Macron estimated Tuesday that “never so many sacrifices” had never been asked of young people in Europe than in this period of health crisis, which creates for the leaders “an immense responsibility” for his future on environmental issues, diplomatic and financial.

“What has no equivalent in our contemporary history is that we ask the greatest sacrifices of our youth to protect the elderly,” he said in front of students in Vilnius.

Faced with the COVID-19 epidemic in France, “I must make the decision, because the virus goes very quickly, to close bars, restaurants, places of conviviality consubstantial with student life”, and “to protect, we puts a lot of constraints on student life, ”he added, referring to distance education.

6:50 am | COVID-19: 100 million more vaccine doses for poor countries.

6:43 am | Africa: “Almost Normal” Life After COVID-19, But Not Everywhere.

TO READ | They believed they had done everything they could to avoid another shutdown: the restaurant industry and the entertainment world are worried with this 28-day lockdown.

[EN 5 MINUTES] | Here’s why the bars are closing.

TO READ | The Laval restaurant blamed last week for non-compliance with health measures linked to the COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily closed its doors.

4h35 | Israel: the reconfinement will be extended, warns the Minister of Health.

The re-containment decreed in Israel to fight against the highest rate of coronavirus contamination in the world will be extended after the three weeks previously announced, the Minister of Health warned on Tuesday.

2h32 | A cruise ship with carriers of the coronavirus on board docks in Athens.

The first cruise ship to return to Greece from containment docked at the port of Piraeus in Athens early Tuesday morning, after a dozen coronavirus contaminations were discovered on board, the Greek news agency ANA announced.

1h58 | 30 minutes flat: a Chinese machine shakes up COVID tests.

Screen for the new coronavirus in just 30 minutes: a Chinese company produces the “world’s fastest” machine for virological PCR tests, and plans to conquer Europe and America.

1h00 | The government’s decision to no longer allow receiving or visiting relatives seems to be welcomed by the majority of people met by Le Journal who are resigned to isolating themselves further.

1h00 | The Legault government’s announcement to close theaters in the red zones for 28 days was greeted with disappointment, and sometimes with surprise, by various industry professionals.

0h45 | In Argentina, anti-Covid restrictions are reigniting political polarization.

0h00 | The crowds of students around secondary schools are hampering the efforts of school administrators to limit the contagion of the virus, experts believe.

0h00 | The Legault government will close overnight from tomorrow to Thursday, bars, dining rooms, performance halls and cinemas in the red zone to break the second wave of COVID-19 before it overwhelms the health network. It will also be prohibited to receive guests at the house.

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