[EN DIRECT] All the developments of the pandemic

Whether in Quebec or elsewhere on the planet, the COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting our lives.

Here you will find all the news throughout the day related to this crisis affecting the population, governments and the economy.



Case: 37 267 921

Death: 1,073,780


Case: 181 770, 86 133 in Quebec

Death: 9612, 5953 in Quebec


13:32 | A less gloomy record in the country

Despite this upturn, Canada’s public health administrator, Dr. Teresa Tam, expressed concern, considering the alarming statistics of the past week.

On the long weekend of Thanksgiving, a much celebrated holiday in English Canada, Dr. Tam fears that family festivities may accelerate the spread of the virus.

11am | Quebec reports 942 new daily cases and three deaths

10:39 am | United States: The new stimulus package is not dead

After a week of about-face and procrastination, the Trump administration finally increased its budget to support the US economy to $ 1.8 trillion on Friday, hoping to tie up, within four weeks of the presidential election, a deal with the Democrats.

10:32 am | Catalonia and Navarre tighten their restrictions

Two Spanish regions bordering France, Catalonia and Navarre, announced on Sunday that they were tightening their restrictions in an attempt to curb an increase in COVID-19 contamination.

From Tuesday, meetings will be limited to six people in Navarre, which has 650,000 inhabitants, while bars and restaurants will have to close at 10 p.m. and accommodate only 30% of their usual clientele, said the president of the region, Maria Chivite.

10:31 am | “I am immune” to COVID-19, says Donald Trump

“It looks like I’m immune, for, I don’t know, maybe a long time, maybe a short time, maybe for life. Nobody really knows, but I’m immune, ”he said in a telephone interview with Fox News.

10am | NFL: another Patriots game postponed

In recent days, three positive cases for the coronavirus have been identified among the “Pats”. Cam Newton, Stephon Gilmore and Bill Murray have been placed in quarantine. The duel between the Denver Broncos and the Patriots has therefore been postponed to October 18.

9:57 am | Majority of Canadians in favor of closing non-essential businesses

According to the probe conducted by the firm Nanos Research for CTV News, nearly 70% of Canadians support the closure of businesses deemed non-essential during a pandemic, such as gyms and places of worship. They are also said to be in agreement with allowing restaurants to offer take-out only.

6:50 am | Lebanon: around 170 localities confined from Monday

Nearly 170 villages and localities, including several dozen already cordoned off, will be confined for a week from Monday in Lebanon, plagued by daily records of COVID-19 contamination, the Interior Ministry announced on Sunday.

The Lebanese authorities have also decreed the closure “until further notice” of bars and nightclubs throughout the country.

3h44 | A new test developed by the University of Calgary

Researchers at the University of Calgary have developed a new protein-based COVID-19 test that would reduce reliance on supply chains from the current test.

While the tests currently used require a nasal or throat swab to analyze viral RNA, this new method would instead focus on looking for components of viral proteins.

1h | Still after four months of COVID-19

A nurse from Montérégie who is still suffering from serious after-effects four months after contracting COVID-19 is urging Quebecers to take the threat of coronavirus seriously.

0h50 | India crosses 7 million case threshold

Figures from the Department of Health show an increase of nearly 75,000 new cases on Sunday, bringing the total number of infected people in India to 7.05 million, the second-largest total behind the United States.

0h00 | Antibodies four months after infection

Two new studies point to a lasting immune response in people who have recovered from COVID-19, especially those who have suffered from a severe form of the disease.

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