Election campaign on TV: Biden and Trump meet again on Thursday evening

The second TV duel between Donald Trump and Joe Biden will take place on Thursday evening (local time). All information about the election campaign on TV.

Biden and Trump meet again

Monday, October 19, 4:58 p.m .: The US election campaign is entering the final round: On Thursday evening (local time) US President Donald Trump and his challenger Joe Biden will meet for the second and last TV duel. The second duel, originally planned for October 15, was canceled after the President, who had previously suffered from Corona, refused a virtual duel via video. It is eagerly awaited whether the new meeting in Nashville (Tennessee) with new rules will lead to a more dignified TV duel than the first meeting.

Biden: I will never express myself racist

Friday, October 16, 11:32 a.m .: The Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was quieter than opponent Donald Trump in his question and answer session on Thursday evening (local time).

The Democrat has called for equal treatment for people in the United States. “We are a diverse country. As long as we can not treat people equally, we will never be able to achieve our potential,” said Biden on Thursday evening in the TV question time with voters in Philadelphia. If he is elected president, he will never express himself racist or divisive. He’ll try to get one.

Moderator George Stephanopoulos asked Biden what defeat would tell him about what America was today. “Well it could mean that I was a lousy candidate and I didn’t do a good job,” said Biden. He does not hope that it means that people are at odds with one another on ethnic and religious issues the way US President Donald Trump wants them to be.

Trump’s question and answer session resembled a cross-examination – which he did not stand up to

The essentials in brief: He probably wouldn’t have expected that. Question time with selected voters on the US broadcaster NBC became a cross-examination for US President Donald Trump – which he did not withstand.

When asked when he first tested positive for Corona, the President got caught up in contradictions. It didn’t get any better after that: Trump refused to condemn the right-wing extremist conspiratorial movement QAnon, whose supporters consider Trump to be the messiah – and which the US security authorities have classified as a terrorist threat. And to top it all off, the president gossiped when he said when asked that he “probably” owes money to foreign banks or organizations. So far, this has always been a well-kept secret of his corporate network. Whether undecided voters can be convinced by such an appearance?

3:00 a.m .: Final question: Trump should explain in 30 seconds why people should vote for him on November 3rd. Trump: “Because we did a great job.” Then he comes back to the US economy and assures: “2021 will be better.” That’s it! Those 60 minutes passed quickly. See you next Thursday for the last TV duel between Trump and Biden in Nashville, Tennessee. Unless, of course, there is no debate about what is still in the room. Thanks for reading, see you then!

02:58 a.m .: An elderly immigrant and Trump supporter from Eastern Europe asks the President how he intends to protect the so-called “Dreamers”. These are the children of illegal immigrants who were brought to the USA against their will and who often don’t know anything about their homeland. Your legal status in the US is still unclear. Trump replied to the lady that he saw it as she did, “and you will be very pleased next year”. It is unclear what he means.

02.55 a.m .: An African American mother asks how the president intends to reduce police violence against minorities. Trump mentions a police reform that failed due to opposition from Congress. Then Trump claims he did more for African Americans than any US president in history. “People don’t like to hear that, but it’s true.” Just as a reminder, Abraham Lincoln brought about the liberation of the slaves. Then Trump says he personally secured the otherwise shaky funding of traditionally black universities. (This is a gross exaggeration, but in fact there has been significant progress here in the Trump years.)

02:52 a.m .: A young anti-abortionist asks Trump how the lives of mothers in high-risk pregnancies can be protected by banning abortions – as could an appointment of the conservative Barrett. Trump doesn’t answer the question and prefers to keep talking about Barrett. When Guthrie asks whether he personally hopes that abortions will be banned, Trump recognizes the trap and evades: “I want a brilliant lawyer to come to a decision.”

02:51 a.m .: With the nominee judge Amy Coney Barrett, he never spoke about political issues, Trump swears: “I only talk to her about life.”

02.48 a.m .: A Democrat supporter asks Trump why the Republicans want to push a judge to the Supreme Court shortly before the election – even though the Republicans had promised otherwise in 2016. Trump seems prepared for the question and quotes the late liberal judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, whose vacant place is now being disputed. “Ms. Ginsburg, for whom I had a lot of respect, said herself: A president rules for four years, not three years.” (Ginsburg actually said that in 2016, but Trump does not mention that the judge was shortly before her death had wished that her succession would not be clarified until after the election.) Then he added that the Democrats would do the same.

02.44 a.m .: When Trump is asked why he doesn’t make his tax return public – as is actually common practice for US presidents – Trump lies again that the tax office is preventing him from doing so. Guthrie won’t let him get away with it: “Just to be clear, there is no law, no rule that forbids you to make your tax return public.” Trump: “Common sense and intelligence forbids it, and the lawyers!”

Then Trump slips out a secret

02.41 a.m .: Are the media reports correct that the businessman Trump owes $ 421 million? And if so, who does he owe the money to? Trump: “400 million dollars are peanuts, that’s only a small part of my fortune.” Then something slips out of his mind: “Probably” he owes money to a foreign bank or organization, he says when asked. The Trump organization had always denied that so far.

In the middle of the US election talk, Trump slips out his debt secret

02:37 a.m .: One indecisive voter wants to know why Trump wants to lower corporate taxes even though the majority of Americans here are in favor of an increase. Trump lies again that Biden wants to raise taxes for the middle class (which is nowhere in his election manifesto). The US used to have one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world and companies left the country in droves, he adds . (That is true with the tax rates, depending on the definition. US companies not only migrated abroad for tax reasons, but it is still unclear how successful Trump’s tax reform of 2017 is in bringing these companies back.)

02.33 a.m .: When the president promised to protect people with pre-existing conditions, Guthrie asked: But why do Trump and the Republicans want to bring down all health insurance through legal means – which could ruin millions of people with pre-existing conditions financially? Trump: “To install something better, you first have to remove something worse.”

02:32 a.m .: A young Trump voter wants to know how the president plans to bring down health insurance costs. Trump replies that in 2017 he eliminated the fine for people who do not want to be insured. (That’s true, but it had no effect on costs.) Then he foregoes details and just says that he will replace the existing “Obamacare” system with something better. He also lies that the official health insurance website set up under the Obama administration cost more than $ 5 billion. (It was a little over two billion – still a whole lot of money, but not five billion.)

02:27 am: A young woman asks Trump whether he is now taking the coronavirus seriously after his own illness. Yes, says Trump, but then again expresses doubts about wearing masks – and again incorrectly cites a study by the health authority CDC, as at the beginning. Moderator Guthrie intervenes: “I don’t understand. You have so much power. Experts say you can save lives just by saying, wear masks, now. ”Trump replies that the studies are inconclusive (which is not true). Then he adds: “People can wear masks, that’s okay with me.”

02.24 a.m .: A Trump supporter now asks how the president wants to get the economy back on track. Trump does not name any specific plans, but points to the economic recovery that has taken place so far. “We have just set a record: 11.4 million new jobs,” says Trump. What he hides: Previously, 22.2 million jobs had been lost. Trump also lies that his opponent Biden wants to “quadruple taxes”. That is nowhere in Biden’s election program.

02.21 a.m .: Now it comes to the first citizen question. A Latin American woman asks Trump why he didn’t act earlier on the coronavirus when he knew about it at the end of January. Trump again cites his entry ban from China, which has completely stopped travel from there. (That’s only half true: There were numerous exceptions, for example for thousands of US citizens living in China.) In addition, opponent Joe Biden never called the entry ban “xenophobic”, as Trump claims.

02.18 a.m .: There is no other way to put it: The first 15 minutes of this Question Time are a disaster for Trump. Now Guthrie asks why he shared a completely absurd conspiracy theory on Twitter, according to which top terrorist Osama bin Laden was still alive and predecessor Barack Obama actually had a doppelganger killed (and the soldiers responsible too to cover up the action – it’s complicated). Trump: “That was a retweet. That was someone’s opinion. Let the people decide for themselves. ”Guthrie:“ You are the president, not someone’s crazy uncle! ”

Trump: “I don’t know anything about QAnon” – Moderator: “I just explained it to you!”

02.15 a.m .: Guthrie asks Trump if he condemns the supporters of the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory, according to which a satanic pedophile cult rules the world and only the Messiah Trump can defeat him. Trump: “I don’t know about QAnon.” Guthrie: “I just explained it to you!” Trump: “I know these people are against pedophiles, and I am. Do you know who I condemn? The Antifa and the radical left! ”

02:13 am: The extremely well-prepared Guthrie keeps Trump in distress. Now she asks Trump if he is defending the controversial “herd immunity” strategy, which experts say could cost millions of lives. (The White House had recently advertised a controversial study on the subject.) Trump evades, says several times: “The cure must not be worse than the disease! And the virus comes from China, let’s not forget that. ”

02.10 a.m .: Now it’s about Trump’s personal handling of masks. Trump claims a study found that 85 percent of people who wear masks become infected. ”Guthrie:“ I know this study and it doesn’t say that. ”(Guthrie is right, Trump isn’t.)

02.08 a.m .: At an event in honor of the relatives of fallen US soldiers, many people hugged him, says Trump. “And it’s hard for me to tell you not to hug me!” Moderator Guthrie: “Are you saying that one of these veteran families infected you?” Trump: “I don’t know, I don’t know!”

02:05 a.m .: The White House had so far kept a secret when Trump tested positive for the first time. Guthrie repeatedly asks whether Trump made a test on the day of the first TV duel against Joe Biden on Tuesday two weeks ago. “I don’t know,” Trump replies to repeated inquiries, before changing his answer to: “Well, probably yes.” Even before the first public question, the president is in distress.

02.03 a.m .: Guthrie first asks Trump about his corona illness. Does he still have symptoms? “No, not at all,” says Trump. “I feel great.” However, shortly after his infection, he didn’t feel that good. “The doctors said my lungs were infected.” When asked, the President couldn’t say what.

02.02 a.m .: And let’s go! Presenter Savannah Guthrie greets the President.

Anger and despair: Miami may be the last chance for Trump

Friday, October 16, 1.30 a.m .: Welcome to a new edition of the presidential debate live ticker from FOCUS Online! The word “debate” is misleading today, because incumbent Donald Trump and his challenger Joe Biden will be tonight on top of each other speak but not together. The candidates will face the electorate in two parallel citizen surveys: Biden in Philadelphia, Trump in Miami.

Actually, the two opponents should have performed together in Miami, but after his corona illness Trump had refused to move the event to the virtual room. The television stations involved had then alone with Biden a so-called “town hall event” in Philadelphia, until the NBC News station intervened at the last second – and announced a debate with Trump, at the same time, at the old location.

We will concentrate on the appearance of the president this night, because for Donald Trump this “townhall” is perhaps the last chance to improve his image. Whether the final TV duel scheduled for next Thursday (local time) will take place is still unclear after the confusion of the last few weeks. In today’s format, in which he actually has to interact with the voters, Trump also has the opportunity to show another side of himself: empathetic, understanding, and dealing with many different topics at the same time.

The president, who is more of a fan of loud sayings than quiet words, does not necessarily like this format. But Trump has no choice. The fact is now too clear in the queries: The US demoscopes see Biden on average by more than ten percentage points ahead of Trump, in almost every contested state the president is behind his opponent. After his appearance in chaos in the first TV duel and his corona infection became known, the president lost another three to four percentage points of support, depending on the survey.

And the hope of a miracle that could turn things around – such as the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton a few days before the 2016 election – is shrinking for Trump. A vaccine against the coronavirus is unlikely to arrive in the next three weeks. The negotiations with the opposition Democrats over a billion dollar economic stimulus package stall – also because Trump let the talks burst in between. And the politically motivated investigations by the Justice Department and the State Department against ex-opponent Hillary Clinton and predecessor Barack Obama have so far not revealed anything.

The president knows about his difficult situation, reports US media unanimously. Anger and despair are currently his primary states of mind. In the past few days, Trump gave the well-meaning television channels Fox News, Fox Business and Newsmax several telephone interviews – in which he complained mainly about his ministers. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who is responsible for negotiations on the stimulus package, has “not yet pulled the fish ashore,” Trump complained to Newsmax on Wednesday. Speaking about the so far unsuccessful investigation by Attorney General William Barr, the President said, “It is very sad. Actually it’s pathetic. ”But maybe Trump will soon no longer be their boss.

You can read the rest of the TV duel here.

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In the middle of the US election talk, Donald Trump slips out his debt secret


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