Eggs and hens

The pandemic and the containment have caused a real craze for pets and so are chickens. This summer, we have seen the strengthening of this constantly evolving trend for several years. Could this be a desire for self-sufficiency or is it something else?

Marie Christine Morin and her family left the metropolis to go to live in Estrie 5 years ago. She wanted a henhouse, but had to wait for the regulations of the city of Sherbrooke to change in 2018. “We had put the project aside, but with the confinement, we had time to inform ourselves well,” says Mme Morin who received training in keeping chickens at home and building a chicken coop.

For meme A., the plan to have chickens came to fruition this year. “I’ve wanted chickens for at least three years, but I didn’t have time to get this project up and running until this spring. »Being allergic to cats and dogs, she turns to chickens. “To me, it’s a bit like a pet, plus I get fresh eggs! “Mme A. prefers to remain anonymous since the city where she lives, in Montérégie, does not yet allow this practice.

The hens turn out to be good company.

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The hens turn out to be good company.

During the confinement, the latter listened to several informative capsules on the subject such as the construction of the henhouse, ventilation and insulation, feeding the hens, etc. “This year was a good year for me because I had time to build the henhouse,” said the one who built her own henhouse by collecting wooden pallets.

Christine Lamarre and her husband, meanwhile, love animals and dream of having a farm. “But this is an unrealistic project for us,” says Mme Lamarre. “Chickens are easier! This couple who live in Sainte-Julie therefore have fresh eggs every day and the impression of eating healthier. “The garden and the chickens … Quietly not quickly, we are trying to become more self-sufficient. I can’t remember the last time I had to buy eggs at the grocery store! “

Young Maïko and Hanaé Morin love their chicks.

Courtesy photo

Young Maïko and Hanaé Morin love their chicks.

A certain craze

Marie Christine Morin was surprised to see the craze this year for chickens. “We even had trouble finding it. So we turned to the chicks. “. The family therefore started by buying 5 chicks. “With the kids it was great,” she tells me. “We saw a great educational aspect in it. My older daughter even did a school project on chicken development. ”

Mme A., for his part, had taken the trouble to reserve the hens in a Saint-Hyacinthe flour mill even before building his henhouse. “But I was already on the 2e waiting list, given the hen craze this year. “

Getting ready for winter

What will happen this winter? For meme Morin, it is out of the question to get rid of the hens. “They have names! She said to me, laughing. “We have chosen cold-resistant species, insulated the floor and the nest, and this fall, we are going to install a heating system.” Mme A. has also planned everything so that his hens can spend a nice winter in his yard: “The henhouse is sheltered from the wind and insulated with the hatches to let out the humidity. “Same story with Christine Lamarre:” We are equipped for a four-season henhouse.

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