Donald Trump travels the United States, Joe Biden stays at home

One travels at a breakneck pace, the other does not move: two weeks to the day before the presidential election, Donald Trump and Joe Biden are opting, more than ever, for radically different strategies.

After two campaign rallies in Arizona on Monday, the White House tenant flies to Pennsylvania on Tuesday. For the second day in a row, the former vice-president of poll favorite Barack Obama has no public events on his agenda.

“Things are moving very quickly,” Donald Trump assured Fox News, saying – against all evidence – that the polls were increasingly favorable to him, and that his rival was “imploding”.

“Joe Biden is still hiding in his basement today,” the billionaire’s campaign team quipped.

Republican campaign setback: First Lady Melania Trump called off her trip to Pennsylvania, due to be her first campaign rally in over a year, due to a “persistent cough”.

Diagnosed positive for COVID-19 at the same time as her husband, on October 1, the “First Lady” announced in mid-October that she was now negative. According to her spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham, this cancellation was decided “by excess of precaution”.

Before facing him on Thursday in a final decisive debate, Donald Trump further accentuated his personal attacks on the integrity of his opponent.

The tone of the ex-businessman, who dreads being president for a single term, is more aggressive than ever.

“This is a major corruption case,” he told Fox News, saying Justice Minister Bill Barr should quickly launch an investigation.

The Republican president has been hammering for several weeks, without concrete evidence, that the Biden family is a “criminal enterprise”.

His angle of attack? Hunter Biden’s business in Ukraine and China, when his father, Joe, was Vice President to Barack Obama (2009-2017).

Face to Face in Nashville

In this context, the last debate between the two candidates in their seventies, which will take place Thursday in Nashville, Tennessee, promises to be tense, after a particularly chaotic first face-to-face where the blows were flying low.

“There is nothing fair about this debate,” said Donald Trump, reiterating his virulent personal attacks on the moderator, Kristen Welker, as well as his criticism of the independent commission in charge of their organization.

To avoid the cacophony of their first clash, the microphones of both candidates will be muted when they are not given the floor.

“I will do it no matter what, but it’s unfair,” said Donald Trump.

Will he change his strategy from the first debate, during which he had permanently interrupted his Democratic rival?

“Some say you have to let him talk because he always ends up losing track,” replied the US president, who has been trying for months to portray his opponent as an old man who does not understand what is happening to him and having lost most of his intellectual capacities.

As in 2016, Donald Trump presents himself as a candidate who does not belong to the seraglio and who fights for the Americans, far from the intrigues of Washington.

“I am fighting against the Democratic Party, against the media Fake News […] and now against the giants of technology, ”he said.

Shortly after, the Department of Justice and eleven American states, mostly Republican, filed a complaint in a federal court in Washington accusing Google of infringements of competition law and calling for “structural” changes within the giant. of “Big Tech”.

Asked about the accumulation of unfavorable polls, the US president has displayed his confidence, emphasizing his ability to mobilize large crowds as he travels across the country.

“We have never seen campaign meetings with such love and such crowds,” thundered the president, who is expected to return to Florida, where early voting operations began on Monday.

Advance voting has come under special scrutiny this year, as it continues to break records, sometimes leading to long lines in the states where it started.

Some 30 million Americans across the country have already voted by mail or in person, which could represent nearly a fifth of the total turnout, according to the independent organization Elections Project.

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