Donald Trump torpedoed his first debate with Joe Biden

The three players in the first presidential debate: journalist Chris Wallace, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, in Cleveland, Ohio, on September 29.

A terrible storm, that was the first presidential debate held on Tuesday, September 29 between the two main presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Both men took to the stage when their names were called. They took their places, without first shaking hands due to the Covid-19 epidemic, behind desks in the hall at the University of Cleveland, Ohio, chosen to host the event. Then the chaos set in, sweeping away veteran moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News. And in successive waves surged aggressiveness, bitterness and meanness.

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In the previous days, Donald Trump’s campaign team had multiplied war metaphors, even evoking a “Destruction” the former Democratic vice president, who is regularly portrayed as age-worn. The outgoing president has stuck to this course, continually interrupting his opponent, mocking his responses, openly displaying his contempt, including on his college career (Joe Biden has not been to the country’s major institutions). “There is nothing smart about you”, assured Donald Trump. The objective was clear: to push his opponent off his hinges by counting on one of the bloodstrokes that punctuated his long career and which would make him appear to his disadvantage.

Donald Trump during the first presidential campaign debate, in Cleveland, Ohio, on September 29.

Periodically, Joe Biden has been on the verge of giving in. ” Shut up “, “It’s hard to place a word with this clown, excuse me, this person”, “Keep barking, my boy” : on numerous occasions, the formulas of quarrels of tipsy drinkers escaped him in the heat of the exasperation, also contributing to lower the debate.

Recall the order

However, the former vice president resisted, even managing to list proposals and projects on a regular basis without paying attention to his opponent’s relentless spikes. Joe Biden even found an effective way out, that of paying no attention to the outgoing president and addressing himself directly to the camera in front of him, in order to speak to his fellow citizens.

Joe Biden during a pass of arms with Donald Trump, during the first presidential campaign debate, in Cleveland, Ohio on September 29.

The troublemaker was quickly appointed by Chris Wallace, initially taken aback by the turn of events. “Mr. President, your campaign team has agreed that both camps have [pour chacun des thèmes évoqués] two minutes without interruption “, he finally let go, while sometimes trying to bring Donald Trump to better dispositions. “You will be happy”, He thus assured by announcing subjects where he expected to be more comfortable, in particular on the questions of security. Neither the call to order nor the cajoling paid off.

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