Donald Trump should be able to resume his public activities from Saturday

The White House announced Thursday that Donald Trump, recovering from COVID-19, should be able to resume his public activities on Saturday, but without specifying if he had been declared negative, even as Democrats questioned his ability to govern .

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Saturday will mark the tenth day since the Republican billionaire was tested positive, and “based on the trajectory of the advanced diagnoses that the team is conducting, I expect the president to be able to resume his public activities at this time- there without risk, ”said White House doctor Sean Conley.

The president, who will stand for reelection on November 3, “has generally responded extremely well to the treatment,” he said in a brief report, without indicating whether he had been declared negative.

Led in the polls by his Democratic rival Joe Biden 26 days before the presidential election, the president’s campaign was abruptly interrupted by illness on October 2.

Hospitalized Friday evening, he returned three days later, in a grandiose setting, at the White House.

After several unbridled videos posted on his Twitter account, Donald Trump gave his first interview since this diagnosis on Thursday morning.

A rambling interview lasting more than an hour on Fox Business, in which he had, haphazardly, called Democrat Kamala Harris – the first black running mate who could become the first female vice president of the United States – a “monster” of “Intellectually disabled” Joe Biden, but also, in a very unusual way, attacked two of his most loyal ministers, Mike Pompeo and Bill Barr.

As for the coronavirus, which has killed more than 210,000 in the United States, the president, 74 years old and clinically obese, had reaffirmed that he felt in great shape.

Doubts over Trump’s ability

Donald Trump suffers “from a dissociation from reality which would be amusing if it were not so murderous”, reacted the Democratic President of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, recalling the heavy toll of the United States, the country on most bereaved in the world by the pandemic.

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Then, with a thunderclap, she announced that she would introduce legislation on Friday to create a commission to investigate Donald Trump’s ability to lead the United States.

This commission is part of the 25e amendment of the US Constitution, which provides for the president to hand over the reins of power to his vice president if he is no longer in a position to govern.

Nancy Pelosi will present the text at a press conference in Congress on Friday.

A genuine declaration of war on the Republicans, who reacted with rare virulence by accusing the Democrat of considering a “coup”.

The outcome of this initiative therefore remains very uncertain, with Donald Trump enjoying broad support in his party, particularly in the Senate, of which he controls the majority.

“I believe that citizens should know the state of health of the president”, had hammered Nancy Pelosi, great pet peeve of Donald Trump.

“It’s Nancy la Folle who should be under observation. They don’t call her the Madwoman for nothing! ” Donald Trump reacted on Twitter.

Confusion over debates

The tone has also risen between the teams of Donald Trump and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, around their next debates, turnarounds and twists and turns adding to the confusion in a presidential campaign already shaken by the pandemic.

After judging “unacceptable” to participate in a virtual debate next week, Donald Trump demanded to debate twice in person against his rival: on October 22 as scheduled and in an additional meeting on the 29th, just five days before the US presidential election.

A proposal immediately rejected by Joe Biden’s team.

Making the debate on the 15th virtual aims to “guarantee the safety of all participants”, justified the independent organizing committee.

In the evening, the billionaire’s campaign team seized on the announcement of the White House doctor to assert that there was now “no medical reason” not to face it. face to face.

Much to Democrats’ dismay, the White House tenant made the shocking announcement of his diagnosis less than three days after debating, in person, with Joe Biden, 77.

Having tested negative again on Thursday, the Democrat traveled to Arizona, one of the key states that could fall into Democratic hands and tip the result on November 3.

Trump discusses possibility of attending campaign rally in Florida on Saturday

US President Donald Trump, who was hospitalized for a few days after being infected with the coronavirus, said Thursday evening that he was planning to participate in a campaign meeting on Saturday, possibly in Florida, a key state for the presidential election. November 3.

“I think I’ll try to have a campaign meeting on Saturday night, if we have enough time to organize it, but we want to have a meeting, probably in Florida, on Saturday night,” Trump told Fox News . Shortly before, his doctor had opened the door to his return to the countryside on Saturday, saying the president had “overall responded extremely well to treatment” against COVID-19.

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