Donald Trump has no more symptoms – and goes into the TV duel as a “survivor”

US President Donald Trump has returned to the White House after his corona infection. Previously, there had been confusion about his health. A video message to the country caused horror. Everything important in the ticker of FOCUS Online.

  • After his corona infection, US President Donald Trump left the hospital on Tuesday night.
  • Previously there had been confusion about Trump’s state of health – but now, according to his personal doctor, the president is “extremely well”.
  • Trump now wants to use his illness for the election campaign and presents himself as a “corona survivor” before the TV duel.

Biden makes TV duel dependent on the course of Trump’s corona infection

06.15 a.m .: US presidential candidate Joe Biden only wants to take part in the second television duel with President Donald Trump if his rival is no longer infected with the corona virus. “I’m looking forward to having a discussion with him, but I just hope that all regulations are followed,” Biden told journalists on Tuesday. “If he still has Covid, we shouldn’t have a debate,” added the former Vice President.

The guidelines of the US health authority CDC provide for those infected with corona to be quarantined at home for at least ten days from the onset of symptoms. If the disease is severe, infected people should stay at home for 20 days.

06.14 a.m .: After Donald Trump’s corona diagnosis, the virus is spreading in the US government. Another close adviser to the president, Stephen Miller, tested positive on Tuesday. “It is obvious that there was an outbreak in the White House,” admitted Trump’s spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany. According to media reports, high-ranking generals, including Chief of Staff Mark Milley, work from home because they may have been exposed to the corona virus at a meeting. The President, who has Covid-19, says he no longer has any symptoms, but at the same time the White House is holding back with details about his health.

“New mentality” announced: The White House is now presenting the “Corona survivor” Trump

7:24 p.m .: Despite the uncertainty about the outcome of US President Donald Trump’s Covid-19 disease, the White House is already daring to make predictions about his appearance in the next TV debate against challenger Joe Biden. Spokeswoman Alyssa Farah said Tuesday on Fox News that she expected Trump to have a “new mentality” on the coronavirus. He has already lost friends to the virus and mourned with the Americans. “But now he comes as a survivor himself. And I think you will hear that in this debate.”

Presidents are doing “extremely well”: Trump no longer shows any corona symptoms

7:04 p.m .: According to his doctor, the condition of US President Donald Trump is still good after his return from the hospital to the White House. Trump did not report any corona symptoms to the medical team on Tuesday, personal physician Sean Conley said in a message. The 74-year-old’s values ​​are stable. His blood has an oxygen saturation level between 95 and 97 percent. “Overall, he’s still doing extremely well,” said Conley.

Trump declares negotiations on the new corona aid package to have failed

9:08 p.m .: US President Donald Trump has declared negotiations with the opposition Democrats for a new Corona aid package to have failed for the time being. Trump wrote on Tuesday in the short message service Twitter that he had instructed his negotiators to suspend talks until the presidential election on November 3rd. On the New York Stock Exchange, share prices immediately plummeted.

The Democrats, Trump’s Republicans and the government had been wrestling for weeks over a new aid package to support citizens and business in the face of the devastating effects of the corona pandemic. Opposition leader Nancy Pelosi last spoke on the phone repeatedly with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. The Democrats, however, asked for significantly more funds than the Republicans and the White House wanted to pledge.

Trump accused Pelosi on Tuesday of asking for $ 2.4 trillion in order to financially rehabilitate “badly governed” states with high crime rates by the Democrats. The chairman of the House of Representatives was not concerned with the fight against the corona virus and its economic effects. His government, on the other hand, made a “very generous” offer of $ 1.6 trillion.

Trump wrote on Twitter that he would win the presidential election on November 3rd – and immediately afterwards launch a new stimulus package. In polls, the incumbent is currently behind his challenger Joe Biden of the Democrats.

Just a few days after his infection, Trump becomes a corona denier again

2.45 p.m .: US President Donald Trump compared the coronavirus with the flu again after his hospital stay because of an infection with the novel pathogen. “The flu season begins! Every year many people die from the flu, sometimes more than 100,000, and despite the vaccination. Is that why we are shutting down our country? No, we have learned to live with it, just as we learn to live with Covid which is less fatal in many populations !!! “wrote Trump on Twitter on Tuesday.

Trump’s corona infection became known on Friday. On Monday, he called on Americans not to be afraid of the virus. In the United States, more than 210,000 people have died from infection since the pandemic began, more in absolute terms than any other country in the world.

Especially at the beginning of the pandemic, Trump had repeatedly compared Covid-19 diseases with flu. He also publicly claimed that the death rate was lower than that of flu. He repeatedly promised that one day the virus would simply go away again.

In September, recordings of conversations between Trump and the investigative journalist Bob Woodward were published in which he knew the serious risks of the virus at the beginning of the pandemic and yet made trivial comments. Trump said in a conversation in February that Covid-19 was “more deadly” than severe flu that kills 25,000 to 30,000 Americans each year.

Because of his corona infection, Trump has been given a number of drugs, including an antibody drug that is still experimental. According to the renowned immunologist Anthony Fauci, this could have contributed significantly to a rapid improvement in Trump’s health. According to his personal doctor Sean Conley, Trump’s illness is not over yet despite his return to the White House.

Historic moments in history: New commemorative coin for Trump’s “Victory over Corona”

2:08 p.m .: That was fast! “President Donald J. Trump defeats Covid” is the name of a new commemorative coin that can be ordered in the souvenir shop of the White House from November 14th. It was designed by Anthony Giannini, who had previously created other coins for “historical moments in world history”, such as the meeting between Trump and North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong-un.

The official announcement, written by the designer himself, states: “When we first heard the sad news about President Trump’s positive corona test, we believed and prayed, but we knew that our president would find a way would KO Covid in the first rounds Trump’s victory over the virus is a symbol for everyone that Covid-19 could be overcome, more often than the “fear that many media incessantly hammer into us every minute, every hour, every day” suggest leaves.

Like it or not, Trump is almost mythically strong, and the new coin is intended to pay tribute to that strength of the president. The exact design is deliberately kept secret until it appears. Giannini only reveals this much: “My new design is inspired by superhero drawings because President Donald J. Trump is surrounded by a myth that has never been seen before with a US President.”

The coin is available for a price of $ 100. 20 percent of the proceeds go to Hershey Medical Penn State for Covid Prevention and the Hershey Cancer Center.

“It’s total mess” – White House employee “scared”

11:28 am: US President Donald Trump, who is ill with corona, left the Walter Reed Military Hospital in Bethesda on Monday evening after three days of treatment. But it is very likely that the 74-year-old is still highly contagious – which in no way prevents him from stepping in front of people in the White House without a mask. So has Trump really learned from his experience, as he said in a video message?

For White House staff, the risk of infection is real with this contagious but carefree US president. While Trump is bragging about his Covid fight, his staff is rumbling, as reported by the US political magazine “Politico”.

Because the information that is passed on to the employees is apparently sparse. When was the last time Trump tested negative before his corona infection? The White House is also hiding this from its employees and advisors. Chief of Staff Mark Meadows is said to have informed the staff very late and only superficially about the protocol after the Trump illness. That creates uncertainty. About the contagions from Trump aides, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, they only found out through the media, writes the magazine.

“It’s a total mess,” said Olivia Troye, a former White House employee, to Politico. There are now 14 infected people in the White House. While spokesman Judd Deere insists that all necessary precautions be taken “to protect not only the president and his family, but every employee who works in the building,” the insider has had different experiences. “We knew about employees who were exposed to infected people. They came back to work anyway. “Troye continues:” Some of the young advisors were scared. I feel sorry for them. We all have families, parents and grandparents. “

Spokesman Deere tries to reassure: “Access to the president will be severely restricted and everyone around him will have to wear a protective mask.”

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“Do not be afraid”: Strange Trump show causes outrage

7.46 a.m .: Donald Trump marched through the golden gates of the Walter Reed Military Hospital like a winner. Three days after his admission due to a corona infection, the president left the clinic on Monday evening, put his thumb in the air and was flown back to the White House by helicopter, where he demonstratively took off his protective mask and saluted. As if he not only defeated his illness, but also the pandemic as a whole.

The 74-year-old, who was treated with strong medication and is standing for re-election in four weeks, used his own corona infection for a political show. But with his demeanor and remarks over the past few days, the Republican is likely to have reinforced his critics and many voters in the conviction that he is the wrong man in the White House in the fight against the deadly pandemic.

Because Trump linked the announcement of his discharge from the hospital with a highly dubious appeal: “Do not be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it rule your life, ”the president wrote on Twitter. After three days in hospital, he finally feels “better than 20 years ago”.

Don’t worry about a virus that has infected more than 7.4 million people in the US and killed more than 210,000 people? An immediate storm of indignation broke out among the opposition Democrats and on social networks.

Trump’s election challenger Joe Biden called on the president to address the more than 200,000 families who have lost a member with his remarks. Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley spoke of “continuing the terrible and dangerous advice of the very man whose mismanagement made the crisis so bad”.

The Democratic MP Ilhan Omar tweeted: “This man is unsuitable for the presidency.” Many also emphasized that the president speaks well when he can rely on the best doctors in the country and virtually unlimited medical resources.

Supporters, on the other hand, reacted enthusiastically to Trump’s discharge from the hospital. “It’s just made of iron,” said Karen Simon, who, like many other Trump fans, was posted in front of the clinic north of Washington. There is a widespread opinion among supporters of the president that the coronavirus is actually not that bad. Trump turned to them with his political performance.

After his dismissal, Trump causes outrage with a dangerous video message

Upon his return to the White House, Trump immediately takes off the mask

05:59 a.m .: US President Donald Trump has returned to the White House after three days of hospital treatment for his Covid disease. Trump staged his arrival on Monday evening (local time) as a demonstration of strength: He climbed the stairs to the balcony on the south side of his residence, took off the face mask and saluted the pilot of his departing helicopter. The president then recorded a video calling on his compatriots not to be afraid of the virus.

Trump had been treated in the clinic, among other things, with an still experimental antibody agent. According to the renowned epidemiologist Anthony Fauci, this could have contributed significantly to a rapid improvement in Trump’s health. “I have a strong suspicion that it helped,” Fauci said on CNN news channel. The drug was provided by the Regeneron biotech company at the request of the presidential doctors. It will be a long way from being available to ordinary patients.

Trump reiterated his call to Americans not to fear the virus. “Don’t let it rule your life. Do not be afraid of it, ”said the president in a video recorded on Monday evening (local time) on the balcony of the White House. “Go out, be careful.”

Trump had previously written on Twitter that he felt better than 20 years ago. “I wasn’t doing so well,” he said in the video about his illness. “But two days ago I felt great again, better than I have felt in a long time.” Perhaps he is now immune to the corona virus, the president speculated. He still looked a little short of breath.

Trump is likely to be contagious and, according to health authorities’ requirements, would have to wear the mask to protect people around him. He took it off while the White House cameramen were near him.

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12:44 a.m .: Trump is now on board Marine One, and the helicopter is now supposed to take him directly to the White House. Trump is expected to isolate himself there – for how long is still open.

Trump left the hospital

12:39 a.m .: Now the time has come: Trump is leaving the hospital. He wears a mask and shows the reporters present a thumbs up. On the stairs in front of the hospital, Trump briefly touches the railing, but then realizes for himself that this is probably not a good idea and quickly pulls his hand away again.

From the hospital exit it goes straight to a limousine that drives the president to Marine One. Trump did not answer questions on the meters between the hospital and the car – but that was not planned either.

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