Donald Trump: Due to his lack of empathy, he maneuvers himself into a dead end

“He’s not really compassionate”: lack of empathy, crumbling support: Trump has maneuvered himself into a dead end

Failure to deal with the corona crisis, lack of sensitivity in the George Floyd case: Support for US President Donald Trump is shrinking. He himself found himself in a hopeless situation before the upcoming elections in November. His competitor Joe Biden can benefit without much effort – at least for the moment.

It was only a few days ago that Donald Trump announced that the nationwide protests regarding the death of George Floyd would be controlled by the military if necessary. Since then there has been an outcry in the states. Not only ex-generals, former confidants and high-ranking personalities from their own party positioned themselves against Trump.

The fact that big names from the Republican Party, such as Colin Powell or George W. Bush, are now turning against him has reinforced a tendency that has already become clear in recent months: Trump’s approval ratings among the population are falling massively. To regain popularity, Trump has to work on his demeanor and empathy.

Desperate attempt to increase empathy

And as CNN reports, the White House has been working on this in the days since George Floyd’s death. Close advisers are said to have told the president stories of friends faced with racism to increase his empathy for the subject. They are said to have suggested to the President to meet with well-known Afro-American advocates.

The police reforms suggested by many Democrats were also brought up. There was even a meeting with law enforcement officers who suggested to the president that certain aspects of current police work could be changed.

“Law and Order” instead of racism debate

However, the results so far from these measures have been poor. With regard to a possible reform in the police force, Trump is now open for talks and also ready to support some of the measures already proposed. However, his stance on the nationwide protests is still said to have hardened.

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So far, Trump has shown little interest in really addressing the issue of systematic racism in his own country. Instead, he argued that the US police had no racism problem. His “Law and Order” message, which he shared on Twitter at the beginning of the demonstrations, still persists.

“Trump is just not compassionate”

Meanwhile, some of Trump’s advisors also seem to have given up hope of converting their president. “CNN” reports two Trump trusts who believed the president had done wrong in dealing with the protests. At the same time, they deny him the competence to turn this helm around again with words. “A speech without real compassion would not help. He’s just not really compassionate, ”one of the consultants is quoted as saying.

The case of Martin Gugino also shows Trump’s low level of empathy. The 75-year-old was knocked down by a police officer during protests in Buffalo and sustained serious head injuries. Videos show the incident. Trump’s reaction: Via Twitter, he wrote that Gugino could be an “antifa provocateur” and accused him of trying to eavesdrop on police communications. Regarding his injuries, Trump added: “He fell harder when he was pushed. Could that be a trap? “

Not America first, but Trump first

Trump’s main concern in the racism debate seems to be to show as little weakness as possible – an attitude that leaves little room for compassion. “Trump did not find an appropriate word, but poured oil into the fire of public anger,” wrote USA expert Thomas Jäger in a guest article for FOCUS Online about Trump’s crisis management. At that time, his thinking had turned away from his 2016 motto: “Not America first, but Trump first.”

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It is not the first outcry of this kind to rise against the President’s stance on nationwide critical issues. Scientists from all over the world have long been questioning his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Poor communication even in the corona crisis

The United States is the most affected country in the world. More than 100,000 deaths speak for themselves. Here, too, Trump again showed a lack of empathy in his self-centeredness. He boasted to himself how many Americans he had saved from death by his actions – and preferred to shoot hard against China.

Confused treatment ideas, such as drinking disinfectant, top off handling. Further questionable reactions, such as in the George Floyd case and the related demonstrations, are increasingly causing US citizens not only to have doubts about their president’s suitability for the crisis, but also to understand the problems of those who go beyond his fixed constituency.

Trump’s survey values ​​are falling

Current polls show how drastically the votes of the incumbent president go away. If Trump’s competitor for the presidency, Joe Biden was just under six percentage points ahead of Trump in early April, his lead has now risen to 10 percent, according to a live telephone survey conducted among registered voters.

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Trump is currently falling far behind, especially among female voters. According to an analysis by the “New York Times”, Trump is around 25 percentage points behind Biden. For comparison: In the 2016 presidential election, Trump only had a deficit of 14 percent. In the white vote, Biden has reduced his deficit from Trump from eleven to five percent.

Biden shows exactly what Trump is currently missing

Trump’s misconduct is currently Biden’s luck. The Democratic candidate was not considered to be uncontroversial in the selection process, and did not cause euphoria in the population in the run-up to the Corona crisis. At last it had become quite quiet around him. Now it is made easy for him. While Trump was threatening the demonstrators with the military, Biden showed exactly what Trump is being discussed by his advisors: sympathy.

For example, the 77-year-old traveled to Houston, spoke to members of the late George Floyd’s family, and recorded an emotional, personal message that was played at a memorial service in honor of Floyd. “Now is the time for justice for all races,” AFP quotes the embassy.

Economic recovery could be Trump’s last chance

The former deputy of the first black US President Barack Obama has promised to tackle the problem of deep-rooted racism in the country with determination. Even before the Floyd case, Biden had made empathy a central pillar of his politics. This is important to many people after Floyd’s shocking death. And it is a clear demarcation from Trump, who is known to have a hard time sympathetic words.

However, the election is still less than five months away. “Nobody can know for sure which topics will then move publicly. Five months ago, nobody had Corona, unemployment and racism on the list of the most important election topics, ”comments FOCUS online expert Thomas Jäger.

According to Jäger, Trump’s great opportunity with regard to his re-election lies particularly in the economic area: “If the American economy, like Phoenix, emerges from the ashes of the self-inflicted economic crisis, then other groups of voters are again within its reach. Because these have contributed to many capers and social destruction in the past three years because the economy was booming. Trump’s election fate depends on her. “

Competitor Joe Biden in “pole position”

Biden is now in the “pole position” in the presidential race. The “New York Times” even speaks of the strongest position to oust an incumbent president since Bill Clinton in the summer of 1992. However, five months is a long time. The past teaches that any vote in the United States can change again during this time.

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