Doctors prepare for Trump’s hospital discharge, possibly Monday

After two nights in the hospital, doctors for US President Donald Trump said on Sunday that their COVID-19 patient may be able to return to the White House on Monday if his condition continues to improve, but his personal doctor left several questions unanswered, particularly on possible sequelae.

Turning around on his press briefing on Saturday, presidential doctor Sean Conley admitted during a press briefing Sunday at Walter Reed’s military hospital that Donald Trump’s condition had deteriorated Friday at Home White to the point of requiring supplemental oxygen, for about an hour. The president also had a fever and cough, and was eventually hospitalized on Friday evening.

“I was worried about the potentially rapid progression of the disease, I recommended the president supplementation with oxygen,” said Sean Conley, who says Donald Trump was not short of breath, however.

The doctor admitted that he had not revealed this incident the day before to project an “optimistic” image. Even as White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, at the same time, told reporters that the previous 24 hours had been very disturbing.

Sean Conley also announced that on Saturday morning, another episode of low oxygen saturation had occurred.

Also on Saturday, doctors gave the president a third treatment, dexamethasone, a corticosteroid drug that is effective against severe forms of COVID-19, in addition to the antiviral remdesivir and the experimental cocktail from the company Regeneron, administered from Friday; treatments he could continue in the White House.

But Sean Conley declined to describe the condition of Donald Trump’s lungs: “We made some expected observations, but nothing major clinically.”

” The controls “

Donald Trump was on Sunday to paint the image of a president admittedly hospitalized, but at work – “firmly in charge,” according to Robert O’Brien, his national security adviser, on CBS.

The leader resumed calling and tweeting. Saturday evening and Sunday morning, several relatives and personalities have told of having had him on the phone: his son Eric, his campaign advisor Jason Miller, even Fox News presenter Jeanine Pirro …

“We talked about the new economic recovery plan,” said Eric Trump. “I didn’t think he would be in the mood for a chat,” “Judge Jeanine” said in astonishment, overwhelmed with admiration.

The septuagenarian himself wanted to reassure Americans by broadcasting photographs of him “at work” from the hospital, and by posting a video on Twitter on Saturday evening: “I’m starting to be fine,” he said. : “We don’t know for the next few days, I guess that’s the real test.”


The controversy swelled at the same time on Sunday on the precautions, or the lack of precautions taken by the White House and the Trump family against the coronavirus, but also on the decision to let Vice President Mike Pence continue to campaign for the election of the November 3, when he is the man who would take the interim in the event of Donald Trump’s incapacity.

Why, last Thursday, Donald Trump maintained a trip to New Jersey for a meeting with rich donors, when his close advisor Hope Hicks, omnipresent at his side, had just learned that she had been infected ?

When was he himself infected, and was he contagious during last Tuesday’s debate with Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate for the November 3 election?

And why did the debate organizers in Cleveland let the entire Trump family attend the party without a mask?

The executive’s prevention policy was based entirely on testing, an error denounced by experts for months and which seems to have made the White House a hotbed of contamination.

So on Saturday, September 26, dozens of elected officials and Republican figures flocked there for the appointment by Donald Trump of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, outside but also inside – an event that binds many many positive cases reported in recent days, including senators and advisers to the president.

Team Biden does not explicitly claim revenge, but the president’s contamination confirms their decision to lead a limited campaign, with a strong virtual component, and to scrupulously respect barrier gestures.

“Our teams wear masks and practice physical distancing everywhere, on planes, in cars, indoors and outdoors,” Symone Sanders, Joe Biden’s advisor, told CNN on Sunday.

As for the second televised debate between the two men, scheduled for October 15, Sanders assures him: “Joe Biden will be at the debate”.

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