Distanced in the polls, Donald Trump will multiply public appearances to revive

Nine days after testing positive for Covid-19, President Donald Trump spoke on Saturday, October 10, to several hundred of his supporters gathered on the lawns of the White House. It was his first public appearance since returning to the Presidents’ official residence after being hospitalized with Covid-19.

” I’m fine ! “, he said, all smiles, after removing his mask as soon as he arrived at the microphone. In front of a masked crowd shouting “Four more years! “, Mr. Trump said: “I want you to know that our nation will defeat this terrible Chinese virus”. “We are producing powerful therapies and drugs, we are curing the sick, we are going to recover and the vaccine is going to arrive very, very quickly, in record time”, he assured.

“Science and medicine will eradicate the Chinese virus once and for all, we will get rid of it all over the world. You see big outbreaks in Europe, in Canada (…), but it will disappear, it is disappearing and the vaccines will help “, he judged.

During the barely 20-minute speech, he urged his constituency to go to the polls and hammered home the issue of security, assuring that the Republican Party had the support of the country’s police force.

“We are producing powerful therapies and drugs, we are curing the sick, we are going to recover and the vaccine will arrive very, very quickly, in record time,” he said.

Resumption of campaign meetings

His campaign team has also announced that he will hold a series of election rallies next week: Monday in Florida, Tuesday in Pennsylvania, Wednesday in Iowa.

The White House refused to disclose the result of the leader’s latest Covid-19 test and declined to say whether it was negative. If he repeats that he feels ” very good “, Donald Trump’s state of health remains shrouded in a certain mystery as the communication from his doctor Sean Conley has been opaque and lacking in rigor. “I haven’t been taking medication for about eight hours”, assured the tenant of the White House Friday evening, during his first filmed interview, broadcast on Fox News.

Over 213,000 Americans have died from this virus, and the harsh reality is that it could have been avoided ”Joe Biden tweeted on Saturday. “When was the president’s last negative Covid test? “asked Pete Buttigieg, a former Democratic primary candidate against Joe Biden, whose name is regularly cited for a top job if Donald Trump is defeated on November 3.

The former vice-president of Barack Obama, who is now nearly ten points ahead in national polls and has also consolidated his advantage in voting intentions at the level of the decisive states for the election, continues his campaign at his pace.

Donald Trump goes on to repeat that the polls are wrong and does not hide his impatience to leave Washington and resume meetings. Hogan Gidley, spokesperson for his campaign, insisted on Fox News Saturday on his willingness to speak out “Directly to the Americans, without the media filter”. “The president wants to go into the field”, he said.

Le Monde with AFP and Reuters

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