Disaster in sight for PSG, OM or OL?

The crisis may well accelerate the trend. The salary cap is no longer just a distant rumor for Ligue 1. Some believe this development is inevitable. Among the policies in particular.

Next June 16 at the National Assembly, the Socialist deputy for Meurthe-et-Moselle Dominique Potier will table a bill aiming to regulate remuneration so that a scale of one to twelve is respected in each of the companies. Clearly, a company with employees at minimum wage (1,539 euros monthly) will have to limit its gross maximum salary to twelve times the minimum wage, or 18,468 euros. If we admit that the minimum salary for a footballer in France is 3500 euros, and if we recognize professional players a special status in the same company, this means that L1 clubs will have to observe a ceiling of 42,000 euros per month in their remuneration. When the average salary in the elite is today 94,000 euros.

Obviously, the proposal of deputy Potier has little chance of succeeding. ” Constitutional reform is needed to overcome the current deadlock in the name of the principle of freedom of enterprise “Breathes the interested party, well aware of the theoretical limits of his project. So the elected PS has a plan B. If the ceiling is exceeded, offenders will have to pay the overpayment of corporate tax, 25% withheld from the profits of a business. For example, Neymar’s salary – some 3 million euros – would cost PSG 739,500 euros more each month (25% tax on the 2,958,000 euros above the limit). On the Paris collective scale, such a device would represent almost 60 million euros in additional taxes each year.

LFP ready to take the plunge

In a difficult context where the competitiveness of L1 clubs is already under pressure from French taxation, the other locomotives of the championship such as OM or OL would also have everything to lose if such a measure were to be voted on. National Assembly. However, the concept of salary cap seems unavoidable today to many players of the football. “ Payroll being the main expense item (almost 55% of expenses), this means introducing variability into future player contracts by introducing ad hoc clauses, confided this week to Les Echos the president of the National Directorate of Management Control (DNCG), Jean-Michel Mickeler. This means initiating a reflection on a cap on the payroll and / or on the number of players under contract.

The executive director general of the Professional Football League (LFP), Didier Quillot, said nothing else last month on RMC. Even if it would be dramatic for France to follow this path alone. ” I don’t think we should forbid anything. You talk about salary cap, we could also talk about squad limit, that is to say the limitation of staff. These are two ideas that are in the air at UEFA and FIFA and I think that we will have to land these ideas at some point or another, admitted the boss of the LFP. We are a globalized economy, we have European competitors, so this cannot be done only by France. The salary cap and the squad limit why not, but on condition that it is in all European countries at the same time, that France does not lose in economic competitiveness. France already has a problem of economic competitiveness linked to the tax and social charges of our clubs, and of our businesses, compared to our Spanish or German competitors … There must be harmonization or regulation at European level.

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