Di Maria and this PSG disadvantaged in the Champions League

Paris Saint-Germain has yet to resume training. And the shutdown of Ligue 1 combined with the resumption of the Champions League in August represents a certain handicap denounced by Angel Di Maria.

Complicated confinement and still uncertain prospects. Angel Di Maria first stamped with impatience in his Parisian home during all the confinement before leaving to get some oxygen in the south of France. But while Ligue 1 remains at a standstill, the Bundesliga has already resumed its rights, the Liga will follow next Thursday, before Serie A and the Premier League do the same.

With the Champions League in sight, the Paris Saint Germain knows full well that it will not arrive with the same weapons as its foreign competitors for this final phase of the Champions League which should take place in August. ” The other major Championships will resume. It shouldn’t be an excuse but it makes things more difficult for us. We will run out of competition, apart from the two Cup finals against Lyon and Saint-Etienne. While our opponents are chaining matches, we will practice“, Explains Angel Di Maria in the columns of The team.

Two finals to prepare

The champion of France will undoubtedly have friendly matches to get his teeth into in July but this obviously does not replace the competition. And it will be complicated to find major rivals, precisely because the other championships will be in an active phase… Certainly, the finals against Lyon (in the same case as regards the Champions League) and Saint-Etienne will offer two oppositions as dress rehearsals, but this is obviously not ideal.

In any case, the PSG will still have first-rate arguments to make. And for good reason, in addition to Di Maria, the Neymar, Mbappé and other Verratti or Icardi understood that they had to do everything to exist collectively. ” We have an exceptional team, with great individuals. When everyone does what they have to do, when we all pull in the same direction and we fight for each other as we have been doing for a year, I think we are very hard to beat. Being a collective is essential and I think the team understands it“, Adds the one who still finished best passer in the championship this season.

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