Deulofeu dézingue Koeman –

The former Barca player did not appreciate working with the Catalan club’s new manager when the two were at Everton.

Will Ronald Koeman succeed in relaunching FC Barcelona? The future will tell, but the site is big, and some are not shy about confiding their doubts about the Dutch technician. This is the case with Gerard Deulofeu, a former little prodigy for the Catalan club, who now plays for Watford.

“I can tell you about Koeman from personal experience, and I have very little to tell you about him, Deulofeu told a Spanish radio. He gave me absolutely nothing. I was not happy, I asked to leave and I went to Milan. We’ll see how it goes at Camp Nou. “

Barça is “years behind”

To tell the truth, Deulofeu does not seem concerned with the future of his training club. The current situation of the club ” born [lui] do no trouble “, he admits, his mind turned to his personal situation (he should leave Watford for another English club, or to return to La Liga).

Deulofeu particularly regrets the sports policy of Barça, who moved away from his training center. “In Barcelona, ​​they haven’t had patience with the Cantera youngsters for years. If they had given them the time, they could have made it into the first team. Many of us are gone. Now there will be changes, but they are years behind schedule. “

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