Despite the polls, Donald Trump promises a “Republican wave”

As the November 3 deadline draws closer, the forecasts do not seem to favor Donald Trump. Faced with bad polls but also a Republican Party plunged in doubt, the occupant of the White House visited Georgia and Florida on Friday, two states he can hardly afford to lose if he wants to. win against Joe Biden. “We are going to witness a red wave (the color of the Republicans, Editor’s note) of an unprecedented amplitude,” launched from Ocala in Florida, the American president who is counting on an intense field campaign to, as in 2016, make lie polls. Opting for an increasingly aggressive register – “Joe Biden is a disaster (…), Joe Biden is a corrupt politician” – the tenant of the White House throws all his strength into the battle to prevent the “Sunshine State” , which he narrowly won in 2016, does not switch to the Democratic side. “On election day (…), we are going to inflict a resounding defeat on Joe the Sleeper,” he thundered in front of an enthusiastic crowd.

The president, 74, then spoke from Macon, Georgia, a state where he was well ahead of Hillary Clinton four years ago but where he is behind Joe Biden, 77, in the latest polls. “Competing against the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics puts pressure on me. Imagine that I lose (…), what will I do? I’m not going to feel very good, maybe I should leave the country, I don’t know, ”he said in front of a hilarious crowd. But the feverishness is a little more palpable every day in the Republican camp. According to data transmitted by the Nielsen Institute, the “town hall” (televised exchange with voters) of the former reality TV presenter on Thursday evening was less watched than that of his Democratic opponent (13 461 000 viewers against 14 135 000). The two televised meetings were held at the same time, in place of the debate which had finally been canceled between the two men.

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Criticized within his own party

Several tenors of the “GOP” (Grand Old Party, the Republican Party) are now openly worried about a democratic tidal wave. After the doubts expressed aloud by Senators Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham, it was Ben Sasse, elected from Nebraska, who expressed his deep concerns. Donald Trump is a “mediocre” leader, he said, deeming his defeat likely, in a recording revealed by the media. “He mocks evangelicals behind their backs, his family took advantage of the presidency as a business opportunity, he flirted with white supremacists,” he said.

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The days go by and look the same for Donald Trump with, every morning, a frenzy of tweets and retweets. Even before sunrise on Friday, he hastily relayed a post from satirical site The Babylon Bee, taking a parody article to the point. “Twitter is shutting down its entire network to slow down the spread of negative information about Biden,” one read, in an allusion to the outage that hit the network.

Joe Biden Advantage

Thursday evening, during his exchange with voters on NBC, Donald Trump did nothing to clarify his position on a series of conspiracy theories that he has been fueling for weeks. Asked why he retweeted a message about the “false death” of al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, the US president, who has more than 87 million Twitter followers, declined responsibility. “It was a reweet, it was someone’s opinion,” he said. “It was a retweet, I’m putting it out there, people can make up their own minds for themselves. The president also refused to explicitly condemn the conspiratorial QAnon movement.

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Joe Biden denounced Friday the procrastination of his rival regarding white supremacists. The former US vice president was speaking alongside Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, a staunch opponent of Donald Trump recently targeted by a plot of far-right men who wanted to kidnap her and “try” her for “Betrayal”. “It should shock the conscience of all Americans, and the refusal to condemn these guys is astounding,” he thundered. Joe Biden leads nearly ten percentage points in the national average for presidential polls. But above all, albeit with a narrower margin, in the key states that make elections in the United States by switching from one party to another. And he can count on the support of Barack Obama, who announced that he would participate in his first campaign event on the ground in Pennsylvania on Wednesday.

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