Debates are debates between Republicans and Democrats

Analyzes of the US vice presidential candidate debate, held on Wednesday evening, were quickly overshadowed Thursday by sharp tensions between the Democratic and Republican camps over the organization of the next two presidential debates .

Donald Trump refused to take part in the second presidential debate next week, which has become virtual due to his contamination with the coronavirus, while Joe Biden demanded that the last debate between the two men, scheduled for October 22, take the form of a public assembly, in order to compensate for their first duel “scuttled” last week, according to the Democrats, by the disrespectful attitude of the American president.

“Joe Biden was ready to accept the proposal [de la commission indépendante chargée d’organiser les débats] of a virtual public meeting [le 15 octobre], but the president refused because Donald Trump clearly does not want to face questions from voters about his failures in dealing with COVID and the economy, ”said deputy campaign manager for Democratic candidate Kate Bedingfield, by press release.

In the morning, in an interview with Fox Business, the occupant of the White House described as “ridiculous” the idea put forward by the committee to hold the second debate “at a distance”, “to ensure the health and safety of all. those involved ”, then decreed his boycott of the event. “I’m not going to waste my time in a virtual debate. Debating is not that, “he said, while claiming” not to be contagious at all. “

On Twitter, Frank Fahrenkopf, chairman of the committee, responded to the chairman, stressing that “no presidential candidate is forced to debate.” “Jimmy Carter refused to participate in the first debate in 1980. It is an individual choice,” he said. At the time, the Democratic candidate was slowly moving towards a scathing defeat, according to the polls, to Ronald Reagan. He is one of the few presidents to have won only one term.

I will not waste my time in a virtual debate. Debating is not that.

In the process, Donald Trump’s campaign team proposed to postpone the debate from October 15 to 29, something the Democrats refused, believing that the last debate, on October 22, was already very close to the election date. , on November 3. “Trump’s erratic behavior does not allow him to rewrite the schedule to suit his mood,” summed up Joe Biden’s team.

Without Donald Trump, the Democratic candidate will hold a virtual town hall next week, instead of the debate, the committee confirmed in the afternoon.

Chaos and violence

The chaotic exchanges against the backdrop of a televised debate add to an end of the campaign already quite upset by the COVID-19 pandemic which hit the United States hard and by the contamination of candidate Donald Trump. Since the start of the week, the man has stepped up his actions and statements to demonstrate his dynamism and his control over state affairs and relentlessly attack the Democratic camp, which now leads in the polls.

In the aftermath of the debate between his vice president, Mike Pence, and Kamala Harris, he called Joe Biden’s running mate a “monster,” essentially assuring that Pence had made short work of it. However, public opinion shows another reality: According to a CNN / SSRS poll released Thursday morning, Kamala Harris stood out the most. 59% of respondents say so, compared to 38% for Mike Pence. Support for the first African and Indo-American woman to aspire to the post of vice-president climbed 7 points to 63% after the debate. While Pence stagnated at 41%, a score remained unchanged after the debate.

Political tensions are mounting in the United States as the November polls approach, with the dismantling announced Thursday by the FBI of a coup fomented by a far-right militia against the Democratic government of Michigan, before the election of November 3. The group planned to turn the state into violence in order to “start a civil war”, summed up the state’s justice minister, Dana Nessel.

Trudeau hopes to avoid ‘chaos’

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