Cyril Abiteboul reveals: This is how Fernando Alonso could test Formula 1

( – While Renault is currently fighting intensely for third place in the constructors’ championship, Fernando Alonso is preparing intensively for his Formula 1 comeback in 2021 – at least as intensely as it gets. There is currently no travel time for the Spaniard, but recently he was visiting his new colleagues at the plants in Enstone and Viry-Chatillon.

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso is already back at work with great enthusiasm



“He is very passionate about being back. But he knows that we are in the middle of a tough season,” said team principal Cyril Abiteboul. The two-time world champion would like to give the team a hand, but knows that he can do little at the moment.

“It’s about regaining that Formula 1 mindset. It’s very unique. It’s very demanding,” says Alonso himself. “You have to be a perfectionist. You don’t have to stay on the ball in any other category. I’m constant in contact with the engineers, I am connected to the team’s radio via my computer. I am very involved in what happens every weekend. “

Alonso: Unimaginable to get on after 1.5 days

Alonso wants to be as prepared as possible when it starts again. But when that will really be for him is still in the stars. Renault would like to use the Spaniard in the Young Driver Tests, but these are actually only for drivers who have not yet contested two Grands Prix.

The Spaniard is therefore currently preparing for just three days of test drives in Barcelona before the new season. “So that’s only a day and a half for me and a day and a half for my team-mate. It’s almost inconceivable to only test for a day and a half and then enter a world championship,” he says. “That’s why everything has to be ready beforehand.”

However, Renault still has some options to get Alonso a little earlier driving time. They are currently working on a program for him, as Abiteboul says. “The program could include a few runs in a car from 2018. He would like to drive two to four days, we’ll see that,” says the Frenchman.

Balance between Alonso and youngsters

Another option are film days, two of which are available to each team per season. Renault has not yet used his and could give Alonso 100 kilometers of driving time in the current car.

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The Young Driver Test is also still up for debate if the FIA ​​makes an exception. But Abiteboul also says: “We also want to be sensitive to our young drivers.” With Formula 3 champion Oscar Piastri and Formula 2 drivers Christian Lundgaard and Guanyu Zhou, some youngsters are waiting for their chance.

Abiteboul: “We want a good balance between Fernando, who wants to come back at the best possible level, and our academy drivers.”

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