Croatia tear up against Sweden

The finalists of the last World Cup waited until the money-time to win against Sweden (2-1) in the other game of the group of France of the League of Nations.

Croatia healed its mental health three days before welcoming the French team to this League of Nations. On Sunday night, Modric’s team-mates got the win in the end, only coming out late thanks to one of their substitutes. Kramaric, who entered Zagreb 10 minutes earlier, scored the game-winning goal in the 84th (2-1), with a slight blunder from Swedish defender Jansson at the start of the action.

If Vlasic opened the scoring (1-0, 31st), Sweden responded with captain Berg, served by Forsberg (1-1, 66th). Brozovic, warned in the 45th minute, will be suspended against the Blues next week.

With this first success after three days in the League of Nations, Croatia is back in third place before the group A clash, France-Portugal (kick-off at 8:45 pm).

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