COVID-19: Donald Trump soon to return to the White House

Still considered contagious and under close surveillance, Donald Trump announced on Monday that he would be discharged from hospital at the end of the afternoon, posting on Twitter: “Do not be afraid of COVID.”

“I will be leaving the wonderful Walter Reed Medical Center today at 6:30 pm,” the President of the United States tweeted. “Feels really good”, “better than 20 years ago!” », He insisted.

“Although he may not yet be completely out of the woods, the team and I agree that all of our exams and especially his clinical state of health allow for a safe return. at home, where he will receive world-class medical care 24 hours a day, ”his doctor Sean Conley told reporters afterwards.

He said the “cautiously optimistic” medical team would not be fully relieved for a week if the patient’s health did not deteriorate again by then.

Impatient to give at least the image of a candidate mobilized by his campaign 29 days before the presidential election against Democrat Joe Biden, the Republican billionaire will therefore have been hospitalized for three days since his admission on Friday evening, less than 24 hours after testing positive for COVID-19.

“Good drugs”

He tried Monday to present himself as invigorated by this ordeal, and to defend once again his management of the pandemic, criticized from all sides.

“Don’t be afraid of COVID. Do not let it dominate your life ”, he insisted, while the disease killed 210,000 in the United States. “We have developed good medicine and good knowledge under the Trump administration. “

Many experts have wondered in recent hours about an early discharge from hospital. But this is by no means a return to normalcy: Donald Trump will remain confined to the presidency for the time being for treatment.

He will therefore still be deprived of travel to key states in an attempt to catch up in the polls against Democrat Joe Biden.

For how long ? Dr Conley explained that the first step was to stop the presidential candidate from being contagious – suggesting he still was. He mentioned an average delay of ten days, but without specifying exactly from when.

But the White House looks more and more like a virulent hotbed of the coronavirus.

After the president, his wife Melania, his close advisor Hope Hicks and several other members of his team, it was Kayleigh McEnany, spokesman for Donald Trump, who announced Monday that she had tested positive for COVID-19.

This announcement, after three days of cacophonous communication on the state of health of the president of the world’s largest power, further strengthens the image of an executive who has not fully understood the epidemic.

Real concern

Since Friday, the lack of transparency, even real concern at the height of the disease, have dominated the communication of the US government.

The presidential doctor ended up admitting on Sunday that his patient’s initial condition had been more serious than what had been officially stated at first.

Doing an about-face compared to his press briefing on Saturday, Dr Conley then confirmed that Donald Trump had indeed needed oxygen on Friday, for about an hour, at the White House, an episode deemed sufficiently worrying for decide to hospitalize him the same evening.

The doctor also announced another episode of decreased oxygen saturation that occurred on Saturday morning. And also Saturday, doctors gave him a third treatment, dexamethasone, a corticosteroid effective against severe forms of COVID-19, in addition to the antiviral remdesivir and the experimental cocktail from the company Regeneron, which he received. from Friday.

On Monday, the doctor admitted that some of these treatments were experimentation at such an early stage of the disease.

Avalanche of tweets

Donald Trump, his family and his entourage are now trying to portray a “fighter” president ready to defeat the disease and return to the ring.

By Sunday, with his brief outing to greet supporters from his car in front of the hospital, the ex-real estate mogul had shown his impatience to resume his campaign.

Because opposite, Joe Biden, 77, who has maintained or even increased his lead in voting intentions after the confused debate last week against Donald Trump, continues his campaign at his own pace. He visited Florida on Monday, one of the key states the outgoing president must win again, as in 2016, to maintain any hope of victory at the national level.

Monday, in the absence of travel on the ground, the Republican billionaire resumed a very strong pace on Twitter, after having been in withdrawal since his positive test for the coronavirus.

Even before sunrise over the federal capital of the United States, the president-candidate embarked on a long series of short tweets, caps and exclamation marks, calling on his supporters to vote.

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