Coughing Trump calls his favorite TV station – and announces live performances

A few days after his discharge from the hospital, Donald Trump gave the TV broadcaster “Fox News” a 20-minute telephone interview on Thursday (October 9th). The US president struggled noticeably with his voice, which repeatedly failed him. In addition, Trump announced the first election campaign appearances since his corona infection for the coming weekend.

He announced that he would go to Florida on Saturday and Pennsylvania on Sunday. Both are major states for the November 3rd presidential election, with Trump lagging behind in polls. The President also stated that the events still had to be organized.

Trump twice ignored the question about the last corona test result

His personal physician Sean Conley previously announced that the President had completed the Covid treatment prescribed for him and that he would be allowed to attend public appointments again at the beginning of the weekend. When asked by the moderator when he was last tested for the corona virus, he initially did not respond. Then Trump testified that he would be tested again “probably on Friday” the next time. The White House also refuses to say when Trump last had a negative corona test.

Trump’s personal doctor previously only gave vague information about why the president was allowed to go public again. Next Saturday will be the tenth day after Trump’s positive coronavirus test on Thursday last week, Conley wrote in a health update.

Little official information about the state of health of the president

Ten days are generally considered to be the time after which corona infected people are no longer contagious. However, experts point out that this applies above all to mild cases and that the period can vary in individual cases and depending on the treatment. “I do not think that I am contagious,” Trump said that morning in a first telephone interview with Fox.

Trump had returned to the White House on Monday evening after three nights in the hospital. He had been treated with an experimental antibody agent and steroids, among other things. There is no precise information on Trump’s temperature. Most recently it had only been said that he was free of fever again. The personal doctor has not answered questions from journalists since Trump was released from the clinic.

Trump describes his infection in a Twitter video as “God’s blessing”

The president himself has only published three short videos on Twitter since then. In it he called his illness “God’s blessing”, because it enabled him to come across antibody therapy as a “cure”.

Trump’s campaign team demanded on Thursday that his second TV debate with Biden should go ahead as originally planned next Thursday – with both candidates present. To do this, the commission organizing the debates would have to reverse its decision to conduct the duel online.

Second TV debate takes place without Trump

Trump had stated that he would not take part in a debate on the Internet – on the grounds that Biden could then read answers on the screen. The president is well behind Biden in national polls. The gap widened after Trump’s aggressive appearance in the first debate last week and during his corona infection.

The commission announced on Thursday morning that the debate would take place over the Internet, not in the presence of Trump and Biden in Miami. After Trump canceled his participation, TV broadcaster ABC instead scheduled Biden’s question time with voters for the day.

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