Corona: Infected Formula 1 driver would not cause race cancellation

( – When Formula 1 returns to the track in Spielberg in early July, it is not out of the question that one or the other familiar face will be missing in the paddock. Because people who are infected with the corona virus are – logically – not allowed to paddock. This could also affect one of the drivers, for example.

Esteban Ocon, Alexander Albon, Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas, Charles Leclerc, Sebastian Vettel, Carlos Sainz

In the case of a corona infection, one of the top pilots would also have to skip a race



“An infected person will not lead to a race cancellation,” Formula 1 boss Chase Carey told ‘’, making it clear that this also included the drivers. “If a driver is infected, have it [die Teams] Replacement pilots, “said Carey. FIA chief physician Gerard Saillant had previously explained that a positive test would not lead to a race cancellation.

“If a person needs to be quarantined, we can isolate and replace them in a hotel,” Carey explains, adding, “There are strict guidelines.” These comprise “currently 80 to 90 pages” and include, among other things, the journey, the overnight stay in the hotel, the behavior on the route, while eating and even on the toilet.

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“We will test before arrival and then every two days afterwards,” Carey also announced. This is to ensure that the corona virus cannot spread if there is a positive case. “In many ways, it becomes like living in a bubble from the moment the journey begins on the plane,” said the Formula 1 boss.

“There will be controlled transport to the hotels and between hotels and the route,” he says, explaining that there will be subgroups within this big bubble. For example, the aim is to prevent the teams from catching up with each other. “There are too many ways to go through them all,” Carey says.

“But if a team couldn’t drive, the race wouldn’t be canceled,” he announced. Carey does not, however, assume that it will come to this. You have “great confidence” in the measures, you offer a “safe environment” and you are prepared for everything. “The FIA ​​deserves high praise for this process,” Carey explains.

The world association was in charge of the planning, and they also worked with many “outside experts”. “We know that in our sport it is sometimes not possible to have two meters of space between each team member. If a car comes into the pit and four tires have to be changed, there will be no two meters,” said Carey.

“We have to make sure there are processes in place to manage all of these risks as quickly as possible,” explains the Formula 1 boss. All the measures show that Formula 1 is much better prepared for the corona virus when it restarts than when it started in Melbourne. How well the measures really work will only become clear in Spielberg.

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