Corona crisis: Formula 1 sets “no deadline” for another 2020 calendar

( – The first eight races of the 2020 Formula 1 season have been announced. But what happens after the Italian Grand Prix in Monza on September 6? There is currently no official information on this. And Formula 1 boss Chase Carey explains that the top class doesn’t want to put any unnecessary “pressure” on the calendar issue either.

Chase Carey

Chase Carey faces a few exhausting weeks and months



“We are not currently setting a deadline,” Carey told ‘’ and reveals: “Our goal is to have a complete calendar by the end of June, but at least to have the situation under control.” Because the situation around the corona virus is constantly changing, long-term planning is currently difficult.

“We have options if some things don’t work out,” explains Carey, revealing: “We expect there will be races that are on the calendar but that may not take place after all.” In this case, be prepared. For example, Hockenheim is currently not on the calendar, but is still considered a replacement candidate.

After the European tour, Formula 1 plans to travel to Asia in September and October, then to America and finally to Bahrain and Abu Dhabi. However, there is currently a question mark above every race. For example, doubts about a Grand Prix in Suzuka grow after the MotoGP race in Japan was already canceled for 2020.

Brazil race even with spectators?

In addition, the teams have already been told that there will be no race in Singapore and that the Canada Grand Prix, which was originally planned for July, will not be made up for. The Mexico organizers said in a statement this week that they wanted to keep the original date on November 1.

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And in Brazil, promoter Tamas Rohonyi told ‘Forbes’ that, unlike in Europe, they even wanted to run a race with viewers this year: “The event will be held without any problems under the current contract. We expect confirmation in November – Date so we can start selling tickets. “

The Grand Prix was originally scheduled to take place on November 15th. However, the appointment could be rescheduled to make room for additional races at the end of the year. Rohonyi’s statement is interesting because Brazil is the country with the most COVID-19 infections worldwide, with more than 555,000 confirmed corona cases after the United States (more than 1.8 million).

Safety has top priority for Formula 1

It is therefore questionable whether Formula 1 would even like to have a race with spectators under these circumstances. “In these times, security is a top priority,” said Carey. That is precisely the reason why one does not want to “rush” decisions. The situation can change dramatically in all countries in the coming months.

“We are on unknown territory,” Carey recalls. Countries in which the coronavirus is currently spreading might have passed the worst phase in a few months. In other countries that currently have the virus under control, however, there could be another wave.

Therefore, long-term planning is currently not possible. “We are in talks with all of our promoters,” said Carey, recalling that everyone is facing the same problems. It would therefore not be surprising if Formula 1 took a little more time to plan the calendar.

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