Confirmed: Sebastian Vettel is already a shareholder in Aston Martin

( – Sebastian Vettel will not only drive Formula 1 races for Aston Martin in 2021, but will also be a shareholder in the British sports car manufacturer. The outgoing Ferrari driver confirmed to ‘’ at Thursday’s press conference at the Nürburgring that he has already joined Aston Martin as a shareholder.

Sebastian Vettel in the possible outfit of Aston Martin 2021 (photo montage)

Sebastian Vettel in the possible outfit of Aston Martin 2021 (photo montage)



“If the question is whether I hold shares in the company, then yes, I do,” nods Vettel. How much money he invested is “secondary. I won’t talk about that. But I believe in this project, I’ve decided on this project and I’m looking forward to the moment when it starts next year.”

Vettel does not want to make a big deal out of his investment: “Everyone can do what they want with their money. And as far as I know, Aston Martin is a listed company. Everyone is free to buy shares.” So this is “not big news,” he thinks.

In fact, it was recently speculated that Vettel might not only join Aston Martin as a racing driver, but also as a shareholder. Aston Martin shareholder Toto Wolff recently had not ruled out “that he might not buy a few shares – especially if the company is still valued low. This opportunity is of course there.”

Aston stock has depreciated dramatically

Wolff is alluding to the current course of Aston Martin in London, which closed on Thursday evening at exactly 50.75 British pence (GBX). Taking into account various measures such as capital increases that have diluted the price over the years, Aston Martin’s valuation at the IPO in October 2018 was more than ten times as high.

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The first effects of the Vettel engagement on the stock market price already existed on the evening of September 9th, when it was clear that Vettel would come. In the meantime, the value of Aston shares climbed by up to 17 percent within a few hours – an increase that has long since been corrected downwards.

Vettel’s collaboration with Aston Martin could also go beyond Formula 1 in perspective. A role as a brand ambassador has already been agreed. In addition, German motorsport fans dream of seeing him at the start of the 24-hour race on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife in a GT3 Aston in the future, possibly in a team with brother Fabian.

Vettel and the Nordschleife: “Should think about it!”

“Some say I’m near the end of my career,” grins Vettel. “Maybe I should think about it!” With a serious expression, he adds: “I’m sure I’ll have plenty to do for the next few years. In that respect, I don’t know.”

Aston Martin: Design study for Formula 1 in British Racing Green

British Racing Green: This is what the Aston Martin could look like for Sebastian Vettel



He admits, however, that he does pursue other motorsport categories and that there is a fundamental interest in the Nordschleife classic in particular: “Everyone knows the race, everyone admires it. It is one of the greatest challenges in the motorsport world. Who knows? One day maybe.”

“Hopefully I’ll pick a good year for it, because with the weather it can be quite a challenge,” Vettel alludes to the 2020 edition when the 24-hour race had to be interrupted for hours due to heavy rain. “I don’t know either. Maybe a question for a later date …”

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