Conçeicão (Porto) fire Guardiola

FC Porto manager Sergio Conçeicão did not like the attitude and words of Manchester manager Pep Guardiola.

After losing (3-1) on Wednesday night, Dragons manager Sergio Conçeicão sent a big spade to Manchester City manager over the latter’s comments at a press conference. ” Besides the way he addressed my players and the referees, he also spoke about our country and these were not good words for the country, launched the Portuguese technician. Now that I understand what he said about the weight of the Porto bench he was a clear example. “

“Guardiola’s attitude was not at all pleasant”

Sergio Conçeicão was also unhappy with Pep Guardiola’s protests over the referee during this Champions League game. ” The attitude of Guardiola and all his bench was not at all pleasant, said the coach of FC Porto. Those who should have complained the most are the members of the Porto bench. “

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