Claudia Conway is known as “Greta of the USA” and plagues against Trump

Is celebrated by Trump opponents: “Greta of the USA”: daughter of Trump adviser plagues against mother and president

Claudia Conway is currently inspiring many users of the TikTok video platform with statements and internal details. The daughter of Kellyanne Conway, ex-advisor to US President Trump, also plagues her mother.

Is she a normal teenager or the resistance heroine in the fight against Donald Trump as the one she celebrates America’s left? Some already call her the “Greta Thunberg of the USA” – she would finally wake up the adults and bring them to account. For others, she is a psychologically unstable pubescent who causes nothing but trouble for her parents.

The fact is: Whatever 15-year-old Claudia Conway posts on social networks goes viral immediately. And even officially, the student’s tweets and TikTok videos on the anti-Trump movement, Black Lives Matter or “SaveBarron” (Trump’s son seems so sad, according to the tenor of the TikTok campaign, he can only hate his father) as Reasons why Kellyanne Conway stepped down as personal advisor and spokeswoman for the president a few weeks ago. In her public declaration of resignation, the mother of four put it in a nutshell: Less drama, more mom – in the future she will have to take care of her children more and want to spend more time with the family.

Daughter reports on her mother on TikTok and streams arguments

But even after her mother’s withdrawal from the White House, Claudia’s posts on social networks continue to make national headlines. Ironically, through a TikTok video of the 15-year-olds, the public first learned of Kellyanne Conway’s positive Covid test last week. US media pounced on the post in which Claudia called for help: My mother is coughing all over the house. She lies about her test result – now she infected me! Donald Trump’s close confidante later publicly announced that she was infected during the celebrations for Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court. The reception in the White House is now considered a superspreader event.

“Many of my generation admire Claudia. Especially at her age, it takes courage to be so committed against family values ​​- especially with such famous parents,” says 23-year-old TikTok user Isabelle Rittenhouse. For them, the entertainment value of Claudia’s postings is hard to beat: It’s like a reality TV show: Claudia streams the arguments with her mother live. You practically sit on the couch and hear Kellyanne screaming ‘Are you posting about me again? I’m not lying! ’- the whole country knows how she has been lying since the very first day of Trump’s term in office.

Immediately after the 2017 inauguration ceremony, Kellyanne Conway defended the president’s proven false claim that an inauguration had never had more spectators before the press. For four years she tried to lie to the media.

Claudia’s videos dominate TikTok – and US media

American media seem just as obsessed with Claudia Conway as their 1.3 million followers and fan clubs on TikTok. Every posting from her spreads at top speed. Journalists from magazines court the pupil, regularly ask for interviews, TV commentators wish her a speedy recovery in news programs. Recently the hype became too much even for Claudia. On TikTok, she tearfully asked for quiet. She is a completely normal teenager, the excessive attention harms her psyche.

But TikTok users like Rittenhouse find it hard to ignore Conway. Her videos are irresistible, she explains. I don’t know many who would believe Trump’s words. The look behind the scenes into the White House through Claudia is all the more interesting, for example in Trump’s relationship with his son. Of course, her users believe her more than Trump does.

Followers celebrate Conway’s daughter as a whisteblower

After the President’s corona diagnosis, the 15-year-old had spread on social media that Trump was far worse off than publicly known. After just a few minutes, the tweet was deleted – but it had already spread like wildfire. Left groups celebrated Claudia under #Resistance – the 15-year-old will go down in history as the youngest whistleblower of all time.

Immediately after the deletion, Claudia posted again: She is now afraid of her mother – she would even threaten to take her cell phone away. A movement called #FreeClaudia was the prompt response on social media – Claudia had to be saved by her parents. The conditions in the family are obviously toxic.

What about Conways family life?

Indeed, Washington political observers have puzzled over the state of the Conways’ marriage for years. Kellyanne’s husband, George, is the founder of the Lincoln Project – a group of influential Republicans who use election advertising to prevent Trump’s re-election. The president described the husband of his ex-spokeswoman on Twitter as a “loser” and a “man from hell” – Kellyanne, in turn, found Trump’s tirades of rant against her husband quite understandable.

A show like something out of a circus spectacle, thinks Rittenhouse – but somehow the end is fitting. For years Kellyanne Conway denied all negative reports about Trump as fake news, according to the law student. Now she is being exposed as “fake” by her own daughter.

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