City of Minneapolis Announces Plans to “Dismantle” Police

Demonstrators demand
Demonstrators demand “cut the police budget” in Minneapolis on June 6. STEPHEN MATUREN / AFP

The Minneapolis, Minnesota, police will be “Dismantled”, announced on Sunday June 7, the city councilors of this American city where George Floyd died on May 25 during his arrest, which sparked demonstrations in the country and in the world against racism in the forces of order.

New protests have also taken place in several major American cities, including New York and Washington, following large rallies to denounce racial discrimination and police violence.

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  • City of Minneapolis Announces “Dismantling” Police

Minneapolis, Minnesota, City Council voted by majority Sunday to dismantle the local police department, replacing it with a new community-oriented public safety model, reported Sunday the New york times.

“We are committed to dismantling the police force as we know it in the city of Minneapolis and to rebuild with our population a new model of public security which really ensures the safety of our population”, said city council chair Lisa Bender on CNN.

She said she intends to transfer the funds allocated to the city’s police budget to population-based projects. The city council also intends to examine how to replace the current police, she said, adding: “The idea of ​​not having a police force is certainly not a short-term project. “

City Councilor Alondra Cano said on Twitter that the decision had been made “With a majority of the Minneapolis city council sufficient to avoid a veto”. According to her, the council concluded that the city police were not “Not reformable and that we are going to end the current law enforcement system”.

“Officials in other cities, including New York, have started talking about redirecting part of the police force’s budget and responsibilities to social service agencies, but no other major city has gone as far as this yet. what Minneapolis officials have promised “, comments the New york times.

White Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who was videotaped by a passerby with a knee resting for almost nine minutes on the neck of George Floyd, who reports that he can no longer breathe, has been charged with murder. Three accompanying police officers were also charged.

Several thousand people gathered again on Sunday, the thirteenth day of mobilization, in major American cities. The almost festive tone of the rallies held over the weekend marked a sharp contrast to the unrest – scuffles, looting and vandalism – that marred protests during the week. Authorities and activists have attributed these outbursts to outsiders and criminals wishing to take advantage of the situation.

AT New York, at least half a dozen groups of protesters marched Sunday afternoon through the streets of Manhattan in the blazing sun. A group attempted to parade in Times Square but, according to social media reports, was repulsed without incident by the police, who blocked access to this iconic location. City mayor Bill de Blasio announced the lifting of the curfew on Sunday, a day earlier than expected.

AT Los Angeles, where the crowd once again took to the streets, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that the National Guard would leave the city on Sunday evening.

AT Washington, hundreds of protesters kneeled on the street facing the White House shouting ” I can not breathe “, according to messages posted on social networks. The federal capital was the scene of the biggest demonstration on Saturday since the death of George Floyd.

Donald Trump said Sunday morning that he had ordered the National Guard to start withdrawing from Washington, noting that “Everything is now perfectly under control”.

Speaking on Twitter, he said that National Guard personnel could “Come back quickly, if necessary”.

George Floyd’s funeral is scheduled for Tuesday in Houston, Texas, where he had lived before moving to the Minneapolis area.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden will travel to Houston on Monday to meet with Floyd’s family, officials of former Barack Obama’s vice president have said.

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