Christian Horner: Red Bull is not giving up the 2020 World Cup yet

( – Max Verstappen makes his best start to a Formula 1 season in 2020. With 95 points, the Dutchman is better off in the World Cup than ever before after the first six races of the year. Nevertheless, he is already 37 points short of leader Lewis Hamilton. Red Bull team boss Christian Horner still believes in the World Cup chance.

Helmut Marko, Christian Horner

Red Bull has not yet given up hope of the world title



“I think we are the clear outsiders,” he confesses on the ‘F1 Nation’ podcast. “But we’re still there. It’s been a strange season this year because of the interruption. But we never give up,” he said. There is a great “determination” in the team to return to the top after six years without a world title.

In 2013, Sebastian Vettel brought the last world championship to Milton Keynes to date. Horner reminds that the team is still largely made up of the same people as it was back then. “If you look around the engineers, many faces are still the ones who won the titles between 2010 and 2013”, says Horner.

“Of course we have strengthened ourselves in some areas,” he explains. In addition, there is a new engine partner with Honda, while the World Cup successes were celebrated with Renault. “The partnership with Honda works very well,” emphasizes Horner and adds: “We are doing everything we can to get back into this position [unserer WM-Jahre] get.”

In fact, since the hybrid era began in 2014, we have never been as strong as 2020. After a somewhat bumpy start with a double loss in Spielberg, it was mostly Verstappen who delivered recently. In the past four races, the Dutchman finished second three times and even celebrated a victory in front of the two Mercedes drivers.

“I think there were races where we benefited from the strategy,” admits Horner. Other times, class leader Mercedes simply had a bad day. “But we were at Silverstone [bei Verstappens Sieg] better than Mercedes in the race. We just need more Sundays like this, “said Horner, who has not yet written off in 2020.

The ban on the “party mode”, which will apply from Monza, could be helpful. “We’ll have to wait and see how much this will affect the order. But we also have to improve our car,” says Horner, who assures: “Everyone is working hard on that. I hope that we can find this pace in the second half of the year . “

This is also important because in 2021, for cost reasons, the same cars will be driven again as this year. Only small adjustments are allowed. Of course, this means that there is a very high probability that Mercedes will continue to be behind Mercedes in the coming year if the gap can no longer be closed in 2020.

At Red Bull we are currently doing everything we can to ensure that that doesn’t happen.

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