Champions League – Flick: “We’re all happy, we’re in the final”

Lisbon (AP) – Questions to Bayern Munich coach Hansi Flick after making it into the final of the Champions League by beating Olympique Lyon 3-0 in Lisbon.

How do you rate the performance of your team?

Hansi Flick: That was a very, very intense game. Not just for the players, I think for everyone who was there. Lyon have a great team and demanded a lot from us. In the first few minutes in particular, we were lucky to get through the whole thing. Ultimately, Serge Gnabry’s individual performance was a reassurance in the game. That gave us the security.

Why didn’t the beginning go as expected?

Flick: We have had too many simple ball losses. That played into the opponent’s cards. But: All in all, I have to say, we’re all happy, we’re in the final. We knew it was going to be a very difficult game, it was like that. The team did an excellent job and deservedly made it to the final.

Does the defensive performance against the Paris Saint-Germain superstars need to be improved?

Flick: I don’t think Lyon’s offensive forces are that much worse than Paris’ offensive forces. Memphis Depay is a world class player. He was injured for a long time, he’s already at a high level here. You were very determined on the offensive. We lost a lot of the ball that we have to stop. It is clear that we did not defend the space behind the defense as well as we know it. I think it was better in the second half.

How is the preparation for the final going?

Flick: At the moment we are all very happy that we made it to the final. We’ll make sure that we regain our strength, collect one hundred percent energy and then try to win the title with a top performance against Paris on Sunday.

Can you describe Serge Gnabry’s performance and his development?

Flick: The 1-0 win was absolutely outstanding, how he finished it and how he prepared it himself. When you see Serge’s development over the past few years, not only at Bayern, but also with the national team, then you have to say that he is already close to a world-class player. He is dynamic and dangerous for goals. That’s why we’re happy that he scored those two goals and is in our team. He has tremendous qualities. But I am convinced that it is far from over.

Did you miss the fans here very much?

Flick: Of course, we all would have liked the fans to see it live. The situation is like this. There’s no other possibility. That’s why we’re happy that we can play so that we can end the tournament like this. Ultimately, you have to adjust to things and always try to make the best of them. You just have to say that the team has done an excellent job over the past few months.

Is the final a reward for that?

Flick: We have also worked a lot to ensure that we are here. So it’s nice that we made the final, that we made it through the door. On the other hand, the focus is on the game against Paris. It won’t be easy, and we want to put in all the grains that we have available.

Robert Lewandowski can break the record for one season from Cristiano Ronaldo. It’s at 17. He needs two more goals to hire him. Is that his goal?

Flick: Robert won’t think about that much. He is happy that he made it 3-0 to finish the game for us. That was extremely important. He also works a lot for the team. It is very important for us as a team that he is there and that he sets important signals on the defensive. The fact that he radiates enormous danger in front of the goal has been known not only since this season. For me he’s the world’s best center forward. So I’m excited to see how things will continue and hope that he will score against Paris.

How do you rate Thomas Tuchel’s work in Paris? And is it true that his team consists more of individualists?

Flick: Thomas is doing a really good job. I visited him once. So I think the team works very, very well. That’s how I got it. He does a sensational job. That’s why I’m happy to see Thomas in the final.

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