Celebrity news: Oliver Pocher reported – Comedian went on patrol as a police officer

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After criminal charges against Oliver Pocher: This is how the comedian reacts

11.33 a.m .: Trouble for comedian Oliver Pocher. Because the 42-year-old went on patrol at Cologne Cathedral disguised as a police officer for his RTL program “Pocher – dangerously honest!”, Criminal charges have now been filed against him. A spokesman for the Cologne police told the “Bild” newspaper: “There is a criminal complaint on suspicion of presumption of authority”. Pocher is accused of having checked people in police uniform in the vicinity of Cologne Cathedral.

Pocher reacted to the incident on RTL, but apparently took the matter with humor. He always gets people’s opinions for his broadcast. “In this case it was about the tarnished image of the police. During the shoot, however, I had to find out: All of the people questioned are behind the German police. Even if I had to help out with flowers. Job done! ”He joked.

The production company i + u also spoke to RTL. In the program “Pocher – dangerously honest!” Current topics are regularly dealt with satirically. A spokesman said: “As a friendly policeman, he tries to polish up the image of the police a bit and also apologizes to passers-by for one or the other misstep that was committed by a few police officers.”

Filming was stopped when the police noticed the team and sent them off. “Everything went very harmoniously and in a friendly manner on both sides. Then we left the location, “emphasized the spokesman.

Meanwhile, Pocher advertised on Instagram with a picture showing him in police uniform and a countdown for the next issue of his show.

After heavy bleeding: Top model Chrissy Teigen has lost her baby

07.50 a.m .: After reporting two days ago that she was hospitalized for bleeding, the model has now announced on Instagram that she has lost her child. The heavy bleeding could not be stopped and transfusions could not ultimately have helped to give the baby the necessary fluids, according to Teigen. “It just wasn’t enough.”

She and her husband, singer John Legend, actually didn’t want to choose a name until after the birth, but had already started to call the child “Jack” in the belly. In her emotional post, she says goodbye to him: “To our Jack – I’m so sorry that the first moments of your life were so full of complications that we couldn’t give you the home you needed to survive . We will always love you. “

Official presumption: criminal complaint against Oliver Pocher is out

Thursday, October 1st, 7:39 am: As reported by the “Bild” newspaper, there should be a criminal complaint against comedian Oliver Pocher. The Cologne police are said to have confirmed this to the newspaper on Wednesday. The reason for the ad is therefore a sequence from Pocher’s program “Dangerously Honest”, in which he was in police uniform, but in sneakers, near Cologne Cathedral and is said to have checked people. The accusation against the 42-year-old: “Suspicion of presumption of office”.

Oliver Pocher had not yet responded to a request from “Bild” that morning.

Nathalie Volk posts a photo with “Hells Angel” rocker Timur A. – that’s her explanation

Tuesday, September 29, 2:52 p.m .: The ex- “GNTM” candidate Nathalie Volk posts a vacation picture with a “Hells Angels” member from Antalya. That begs questions – what does the model have to do with the rocker who was in jail for manslaughter?

Volk has published photos and videos on Instagram that they show in the company of Timur A. He spent several years in prison for the manslaughter of an enemy “Bandidos” member until he was deported to Turkey.

Volk explains their meeting to “Bild” like this: “I visited Timur’s tattoo studio in Antalya. We’re friends. ”She also says,“ He used to watch my television career from prison. I got a new tattoo that turned out very nice. I can only recommend Alpha-Tattoo to everyone. We went to eat something together afterwards. “

Nathalie Volk married the Hamburg millionaire Frank Otto in February. He was not there at the meeting with the rocker, as he announced: According to the “Bild” newspaper, he had to do because of the climate week in Germany and could therefore not be with his wife.

Frankly on Instagram: Heidi Klum on the pole and Tom pulls bare

Sunday, September 27th, 10:47 am: Model Heidi Klum and her husband Tom Kaulitz show the whole world on Instagram how in love they are – and that with half-naked cuddling, smooching and fumbling pictures at times quite unabashedly. The latest picture, posted in Tokio Hotel’s Instagram story, the Kaulitz band, is no exception.

You can see Heidi, laughing in a tight shirt, posing on a pole, while Tom grins, lets down his pants and presents his bare bottom to the camera. The snapshot is annotated with the words “Put your hands up – weekend.”

DSDS jury praises itself – although Wendler is late

Saturday, September 26, 2:32 p.m .: For the new season of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” Dieter Bohlen has got support from various genres. In addition to the pop titan, Michael Wendler, Mike Singer and Maite Kelly sit on the new jury. The quartet has now given the first joint press conference – but for half an hour without Wendler, who was late due to a wrong address, as “RTL” reports.

In front of the media, the musicians emphasized how well the collaboration had worked. “I didn’t know any of them personally at all, so it was just an adventure for me,” said Bohlen. But now everyone is full of praise for their jury colleagues. Michael Wendler in particular was impressed by Bohlen himself and raved about his musical competence and friendliness.

So it didn’t take long to get used to the team. “We are all music lovers in the end,” summed up Maite Kelly, and that’s what connects them.

Cora Schumacher reveals: “My son doesn’t want to see me and he doesn’t want anything more to do with me!”

3:19 p.m .: As the former wife of Ralf Schumacher tells in the new episode of her dating show “Coras House Of Love”, the relationship between her and her son David is very tense. The 19-year-old, who has lived with his father for years, neither wants to see nor have anything to do with her. She doesn’t know the reason for this, but she suspects that it could be because he only knows his father’s point of view.

“I can understand my son, these are my problems and not my child’s problems. My son should go his way unhindered, free and unencumbered, ”said Schumacher, but it still hurts her that she cannot participate in her son’s life. Neither Ralf nor David Schumacher himself are said to have responded to inquiries from the “Bild” newspaper.

Allegation of child pornography: series star Jerry Harris arrested

4:55 p.m .: US series star Jerry Harris has been arrested on suspicion of creating child pornography. The Illinois state attorney’s office announced on Thursday (local time) in Chicago. Harris, known from the Netflix documentary series “Cheer”, is therefore accused of having repeatedly tempted a minor on social networks to send him sexually explicit pictures and videos of himself.

The Federal Police FBI had already searched the house of the 21-year-old in Naperville on Monday, reported the newspaper “USA Today”. Earlier, two twin brothers, now 14 years old, made allegations against Harris in an interview with the newspaper. As a 19-year-old at the time, he sexually harassed the siblings in social networks and at cheerleading competitions for over a year.

A spokesman had categorically rejected the allegations against Harris at a hearing in a court in Chicago, the broadcaster CNN reported. A lawyer told the broadcaster that he would apply for the 21-year-old to be released because he is an asthmatic who is at risk in the event of a Covid 19 infection. The production of child pornography can be punished with a prison sentence of at least 15 and a maximum of 30 years, as the public prosecutor announced.

“Has never been so ready” – Sylvie Meis is saying goodbye to her wedding weekend

Friday, September 18, 3:16 p.m .: The time has come: presenter Sylvie Meis marries her fiancé Niclas Costello on the weekend in Florence. The couple has already arrived in the Italian city. In order to be able to enjoy her special day without distractions, Meis has said goodbye to her Instagram followers for the next few days. “I’ll post again after the weekend,” she wrote in English and emphasized: “I want to be right in the moment when I marry my great love and enjoy and absorb every single second.” She was never ready to say yes, added the 42-year-old.

Taylor Swift: Stalker Sentenced to 30 Months Imprisonment

1:03 p.m .: On Wednesday, a man was sentenced to jail for stalking singer Taylor Swift in Nashville, according to USA Today. The man is said to have admitted to sending threatening letters and emails to the former record label Swifts.

The stalker is said to have sent a total of 40 letters and emails to “Big Machine Label Group”. He is said to have become increasingly aggressive. In addition, he also threatened violence and asked the CEO of the label to introduce the singer to him personally. He is even said to have gone to Nashville himself three times to deliver the news personally.

Sylvie Meis ‘dream wedding will take place without her parents

10:05 a.m .: Sylvie Meis marries her fiancé Niclas Castello on Saturday in Florence. But, as the presenter has now revealed to the “Bild” newspaper, not everything will be perfect – because her parents cannot be there in Italy. Her father suffers from kidney insufficiency, which is why it is not possible for health reasons for him to arrive. Her mother also had to stay at home in Belgium because of the corona virus. The risks are simply too high for both.

“It is incredibly painful that my parents cannot be with us on this very important day and it hurts us all a lot! The final decision was associated with many tears ”, Meis told the newspaper. But she is sure that her son Damian, who will lead her to the altar instead of her father, will be able to represent him properly. In addition, the wedding will also be broadcast live, so that the bride’s parents can be with the couple “somehow all day”.

Influencer and TV presenter Cathy Hummels suffered from severe depression

Wednesday, September 16, 9.30 a.m .: Cathy Hummels lives a life that many young women dream of: the influencer and TV presenter is a mother and happily married to soccer world champion Mats Hummels. She has over half a million followers on Instagram. But now the 32-year-old surprisingly reveals that she was heartbroken for years and suffered from severe depression: “I am now exactly at the point where I am ready. Millions of people suffer from depression. Unfortunately, this topic is being swept under the table because the people concerned are embarrassed, “she said of the” colorful “.

Opposite the paper, Cathy Hummels reveals shocking details of her illness: “I wanted to be perfect, did not allow any weakness on the outside. Until my body and mind have completely collapsed. I was sitting in the car in the underground parking lot and got my first big panic attack. “

She even thought of suicide: “As I was crossing the street, it occurred to me that it didn’t matter if a car ran over me now. I had these thoughts several times. I felt my life was no longer worth living. ”In addition to psychotherapy, her husband Mats Hummels also helped her out of the crisis:“ Mats was absolutely there for me during this difficult time. Lovingly, without pressure. Likewise my family. ”

“You a **** hole, go down”: Joko freaks out completely in a questionable forest fire game

Divorce filed: marriage to US stars Cardi B and Offset

10:53 p.m .: US rapper Cardi B has filed for divorce from her husband, Offset. So after almost three years of marriage, the superstar couple go their separate ways. As the news portal “TMZ” reports, Cardi B has filed the divorce papers in the state of Georgia. And that’s not all: she also wants custody of their two-year-old daughter Kulture. In addition, Offset should pay maintenance.

The two had briefly separated in 2018 because Migos star Offset Cardi B is said to have cheated. A new reconciliation now seems to be ruled out, as “TMZ” reports: “There are no prospects of reconciliation,” the successful rapper is said to have made clear.

Dramatic confession from GZSZ star: “We lived on Hartz IV”

6.40 p.m .: Timur Ülker (31) aka Nihat is one of the most popular characters in the daily RTL soap “Gute Zeiten, Bad Zeiten.” The actor has had some bad times in real life, as he now describes on Instagram. Five years ago he and his girlfriend from Hartz IV were still living.

“When my daughter was born in January 2015, we were living on Hartz IV. We had so little money that we couldn’t renew the MOT on our rusted Mazda 323. Man oh man, what kind of times it was. Today I look ahead and stick to my goals. It wasn’t always easy and that’s why I’m grateful that, especially in my difficult times, I always found support from my mother and also from ileyschko, “said the actor. ⠀

Model Bar Refaeli sentenced to community hours

Monday, September 14, 9:14 a.m .: Bar Refaeli and her mother Tzipi Levine have been convicted of tax evasion running into millions: the Israeli model has to do nine months of social work, her mother even has to go to prison for 16 months. There is also a fine of 1.2 million euros.

The verdict came in the Tel Aviv court after Refaeli and her mother reached an agreement with the authorities. The process dragged on for years. In 2019, Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex had to pay two million euros.

Refaeli and her mother wrongly stated that they lived abroad in order not to have to pay taxes. But in truth Refaeli is said to have had her center of life in Israel.

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