Case Study: How to create a branded hashtag campaign on TikTok

Reach the young target group on TikTok? The address must be right. TikTok now provides its own best case on how companies can carry out their own branded hashtag challenge.

The short video app TikTok is no longer just the rising star of the marketing world. According to the number of downloads and users, the platform is in no way inferior to the big players. But many companies are still unsure how and whether TikTok fits into their marketing mix. TikTok has now published a new case study that shows as a best case how a successful branded hashtag campaign can be implemented on the platform.

Creative hashtag challenges thrill the TikToker

Hashtag challenges are all the rage on TikTok. The users, who mostly belong to the young generation Z, see hashtags on the discover page that are currently viral. Often a certain dance belongs to them, which the users imitate and upload their own video with the corresponding hashtag. With each video, the range increases. Many companies have already tried to take advantage of this fact and designed their own branded hashtag campaign. Not all of them were successful. For example, the Westwing Home & Living #wewillrugyouchallenge hardly enthused users, even though Dalia was the most successful TikTokerin in Germany.

Best cases, such as those from the fashion e-commerce platform Zalora, make it clear what kind of Challenge TikToker likes to create content for. The company came up with the #Zstylenow, whose challenge is to accommodate as many outfit changes as possible in one video. The transitions are initiated with a hand signal that represents a Z. In this way, two mechanisms that work well on the platform are taken up directly: recurring motifs such as choreographies, or here the hand signal and plenty of creative freedom in which users can show off their transition skills. The always the same music increases the recognition value. To provide an additional incentive, Zalora is raffling off $ 200 among participants as a possible win.


Dancing while keeping it stylish with Diane! Join our ## Zstylenow challenge from 6-11 Sept ## sponsored

♬ Getaway – CHUNNYT

Zalora: 991,000 video views, over 1,100 user-generated videos, 19.75 percent brand takeover CTR

In addition to the challenge, Zalora Brand used Takeover Ads. The company left nothing to chance:

Ad creatives were thoroughly A / B tested and optimized using multiple variations, and consequently boosted the exposure of ZALORA’s Branded Hashtag Challenge, driving both new visitors to ZALORA’s website and ultimately new app installs.

The success speaks for itself: the videos were watched almost a million times and more than 1,000 videos were created by users on the hashtag. Rigorous testing of different ads cut costs. With the right mix of powerful creatives, Zalora managed to reduce cost per click (CPC) by 54.3 percent and cost per installation (CPI) by 27 percent. This was the goal of the campaign.

For companies that don’t want to start an influencer campaign on TikTok, but would rather motivate their followers to create their own content, branded hashtag campaigns can be a great way to achieve a lot with a small budget. If you keep an eye on the discover page and current viral trends, you will regularly receive incentives for your own challenge and perhaps for the next best case.

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