Call for leaks in the league

Berlin (dpa) – After the successful implementation of the hygiene and safety concept on the first four match days, calls for loosening are loud in the Bundesliga.

“It is now difficult to understand that people can drink their cappuccinos in cafes without a mouthguard, while our assistant coaches, the substitutes and we officials have to wear a mask in the stands at a great distance and in the fresh air,” said Bayer Leverkusens Sports director Rudi Völler the “picture”. The present concept was written six weeks ago “when the numbers were much more dramatic”.

Manager Horst Heldt from 1. FC Köln sees it the same way. “Basically, the hygiene concept is excellent,” said the 50-year-old on Thursday in a virtual press conference: “But six weeks later, it may not be up to date in relation to what is going on around us.”

Paderborn’s trainer Steffen Baumgart is also of the opinion “that you can rethink a lot”. The 48-year-old cited the work of media representatives as an example. “We have cameramen who work with masks, with no one standing around within 30 meters. We have reporters, we have from Sky boys who also have to do their work, where you only understand half because they have a dumpling in their mouth or, in other words, because they work with a mask in front of it, even though we’re three meters apart. “

Warning words come from Berlin. Although he could understand personally that with the images of the ever loosening of the corona measures, the desire to readjust the concept again increased, said Hertha manager Michael Preetz, but said: “But we are well advised that We were the first league in top European football that was able to start playing again, and in the end the whole world looks at the Bundesliga. “

Sports director Alexander Rosen of TSG 1899 Hoffenheim made a similar statement. “It’s actually a role model,” he said. “I don’t think that you have to think hard about how to do the next three weeks differently. When the new season starts again, there will certainly have to be new adjustments.”

The Bundesliga was the first major league in Europe to resume play on May 16. Since then there have been no game cancellations due to Corona cases. Only second division Dynamo Dresden had to start the season two weeks later, because the team was still in quarantine after positive cases before the restart.

At least with a view to the new season, Heldt suggested changes. “I am in favor of us questioning and adapting the concept for the new season. It may be worth discussing whether a journalist who does not have to sit four meters around him has to wear a mask in the stands. But now is not the right one Time for it. “

Völler also confirmed that it was important to implement the concept so rigorously in the coronavirus crisis. “The situation demanded it at the time,” he emphasized. For example, a partial opening for spectators should only be discussed after the end of the season.

In some countries, spectators are allowed to go to the stadiums again this season. In Bulgaria, for example, from June 5, an occupancy rate of 30 percent is allowed. In addition, a distance between the spectators of at least two seats must be maintained. In Russia, a maximum of ten percent of the places are allowed to be occupied when it starts again on June 19.

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