Bye-bye, time wasters: with the right influencer marketing technology for the optimal workflow

Influencer marketing offers companies many opportunities, but not all advertisers are convinced of it. One reason: Ineffective workflows can become real time wasters. IROIN® shows you how to get into influencer marketing in a time-saving and uncomplicated way. [Anzeige]

It is no longer a secret that companies are increasingly relying on social media when it comes to advertising. The integration of influencer marketing is an exciting and promising way. This marketing discipline is enjoying increasing popularity in companies, but it is far from being an integral part of the marketing mix. The reason for this is often a lack of know-how or that the topic seems too complex and time-consuming for outsiders. The potential of influencer marketing therefore often remains unused in many companies. The right technology can quickly shed light on influencer marketing and reduce complex work processes through special automation.

The five top time wasters in influencer marketing

From the planning of an influencer marketing campaign to the implementation and the successful result, a few steps are required, which are often initiated manually. The following processes have proven to be the biggest time wasters and often slow down the workflow of the responsible managers enormously.

1. Influencer selection

Choosing the right influencer can be tedious and difficult. In the selection process, potentially relevant candidates are first sought and then created in a proposal list. This is exported or sent to the client in order to make a joint selection of the influencers. In particular, the creation of sedcards, which are particularly suitable for internal coordination, is quite time-consuming. This is due to the fact that Excel cannot generate any meaningful sedcards from the influencer profiles collected. However, these are often needed to send them to customers or to incorporate them into presentations. Manually created sedcards take up a lot of time.

2. Updating influencer data

The selected influencers are analyzed with regard to their real-time data before, during and after the campaign. To do this, managers can manually send screenshots of the statistical data. It is not uncommon for the influencer to be told where exactly the requested data can be found and how it can be accessed. This data must then be entered manually in, for example, Excel tables.

3. Management of contracts and contacts

A campaign is accompanied by a large number of documents, names of relevant contact persons and their addresses. With the various necessary contracts such as non-disclosure agreements (NDA), briefings, cooperation agreements and so on for several influencers, you can quickly lose track of things.

4. Campaign Management

With several campaigns in progress or a large campaign, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. Because managers must have all current processes on their screen, from the briefing to the review, correction and finally the approval of each post. This is not the only reason why updating and maintaining the status of each individual influencer can be time-consuming.

5. Evaluations

The creation of reports is important in order to make the campaign results visible. They often form the basis for making decisions about how to proceed. Complicated formulas are often needed for reporting using Excel tables – this can be confusing. The creation and adaptation of such tables are time consuming. In addition, the question always arises as to whether all the important key performance indicators (KPIs) have really been recorded in the Excel table. Furthermore, typing data into Excel tables from the influencer’s screenshots can lead to transmission errors that falsify the result of the campaign. New technologies start at precisely these time-consuming and complex steps and provide support through automation processes. This can greatly simplify the manager’s workflow.

Four solutions to the challenges in influencer marketing

In order to simplify the workflow, the IROIN® technology can be used as a support. The following steps can be linked to, which have been automated:

1. Automatic updating of influencer data

With the help of integrated interfaces, IROIN® imports and synchronizes the profile data of influencers. Real-time data can be automatically accessed when planning and executing campaigns. In this way, the latest figures can be taken into account in the campaign and responded to directly. The time-consuming manual collection of statistical data using screenshots is no longer necessary.

2. Bundle knowledge and access it at any time

A larger campaign often involves working with several influencers at the same time. The professional management of the influencer portfolio can therefore be very time-consuming, also with regard to the data protection-compliant handling of data. It is particularly helpful that, in addition to managing contact details, additional data such as contracts, addresses, names and prices can be added. The IROIN® Influencer Marketing Suite offers these options.

3. Plan and control campaigns more efficiently

The IROIN® Influencer Marketing Suite also covers the entire management process. Every progress of the campaign can be recorded and tasks are not lost. In this way, everyone involved always stays in the loop and always has the status of the campaigns in view.

4. Present results directly

IROIN® offers a dashboard that can be configured individually depending on your interests. The most important and most recent campaign results or charts are displayed on the start screen. In addition to a standard export of reports, additional functions also allow detailed analyzes including evaluation of the individual influencers. In order to avoid additional effort for a further presentation, the reports can be adapted to the corporate design of the company and thus also exported directly as a PowerPoint presentation in your own slide template.

IROIN®: The technology for your influencer marketing

The IROIN® technology offers exactly the right features for efficient and scalable influencer marketing. IROIN® can reduce the effort involved in campaigns and, above all, automate them. The Influencer Marketing Suite supports you from the search for influencers and the administration of individual influencer portfolios (including sedcards) over the entire campaign process to the final reporting and thus covers the entire campaign workflow.

In addition, the quick onboarding of influencers with the real data via our InfluencerKit® allows an uncomplicated implementation of influencer ads. With the IROIN® Influencer Ads® we offer a unique interface for placing so-called influencer ads on behalf of influencers. This offers you an additional increase in the effectiveness or extension of the organic influencer posts through influencer ads for targeted reach and performance maximization. Postings and stories become measurable, clickable and that at a significantly lower price per thousand contacts (CPM).

IROIN® is offering all readers a free technology demonstration until the end of October. If the IROIN® Influencer Marketing Suite is used, the first three months are free. To do this, please enter the code “OM reader” when registering.

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