BVB cheers against Düsseldorf in the last second – thanks to Haaland

For a long time it looked like BVB was going wrong in Düsseldorf. But then a returnee struck and redeemed the Favre team. However, one scene after the game still required conversation.

Borussia Dortmund got a late 1-0 at relegation candidate Fortuna Düsseldorf. The black and yellow came too rarely against a good sorted defense of the hosts, only in the 95th minute Erling Haaland redeemed BVB.

At the same time, Werder Bremen achieved an important victory. In Paderborn the penultimate won 5-1 at the last and is thus tied with Düsseldorf, but remains in 17th place.

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Hakimi leaves great opportunity

In the first quarter of an hour, BVB struggled against well-defending Düsseldorfers. After 17 minutes, the Favre team got a big chance that Hakimi dropped. After a corner of the Fortuna, Dortmund switched quickly. Hakimi appeared freely in front of goalkeeper Kastenmeier – and failed.

Achraf Hakimi (front) in a duel with Markus Suttner: The BVB defender had the lead on foot. (Source: imago images / pool photo)Achraf Hakimi (front) in a duel with Markus Suttner: The BVB defender had the lead on foot. (Source: Poolfoto / imago images)

As a result, Düsseldorf continued to defend in a very disciplined manner, leaving little chance, so it went 0-0 in the cabin. The BVB rarely came to really dangerous scenes, could not get much from the high possession of the ball. Coach Lucien Favre wanted to change that after the break.

Dortmund late in luck

After the page change, the picture remained largely unchanged. Dortmund had the ball, Düsseldorf had the order. If the Fortuna became dangerous up front, it was through standards. The relegation candidate could hardly create any chances from the game. Dusseldorf didn’t have many options anyway. The ball mostly moved through the ranks of BVB.

Julian Brandt: The BVB star had problems with the Fortuna's defense. (Source: dpa / Bernd Thissen)Julian Brandt: The BVB star had problems with the Fortuna’s defense. (Source: Bernd Thissen / dpa)

But Dortmund lacked speed in the game with the ball, Haaland should change after his substitution (61.). In fact, only a short time later the ball fidgeted in the net. In the 65th minute Guerreiro dusted off a blocked Haaland shot. But the video referee intervened and sparked the referee Sascha Stegemann that Guerreiro touched the ball with his shoulder – handball. A decision that BVB didn’t like.

“We now had several scenes that were all whistled against us. In total, I can no longer understand that,” sports director Zorc rumbled after the game when asked about the scene.

Dortmund in luck – Haaland redeems BVB

Trainer Lucien Favre also scolded. “It is difficult to accept that,” said the Swiss. “You can’t say it’s not a goal. It’s a clear goal. You can’t cancel that.”

After the denied BVB goal, Düsseldorf continued to act in a disciplined manner, trying to take a lot of time off the clock. But shortly before the end, Dortmund was even lucky not to fall behind. Fortuna striker Steven Skrzybski had two big chances in the closing minutes. In the 82nd minute his shot landed on the post, in the 90th minute he alone missed Roman Bürki.

When everyone was ready for 0-0, Erling Haaland’s big performance came. After a cross from Manuel Akanji from the half field, the Norwegian climbed up and headed the ball over goalkeeper Kastenmeier into the goal. The BVB bank exploded with joy, Lucien Favre even had to limp after his jubilation. Because of the late win, BVB is almost certain to be in the Champions League.

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