Bundesliga relegated team: reappraisal in Paderborn – coaching job is also checked

Berlin (dpa) – Most of the SC Paderborn players wore it in a large version: After the long-awaited relegation, East Westphalia is now facing the relentless reappraisal of the renewed failure in the Bundesliga. The descent again after just one season – like five years ago.

The final certainty triggered a mixture of sadness and pride for coach Steffen Baumgart about “how we tried to do our things again and again. Unfortunately, one also has to say that it was not enough for more.” The 48-year-old led the SCP from the 3rd division to the upper house, his contract is valid until the end of June next year – he has no employment guarantee.

“We went up twice with Steffen Baumgart. He was the right coach before the game, he is the right coach now. But after the relegation, we have to check all the items, that includes the coach” emphasized managing director Fabian Wohlgemuth.

Baumgart made it clear: “I have a contract, you can hear that I like to be there. Of course you have to analyze, of course, you will also question the coach. But that is normal. The coach will also question. But if you asking myself today, I don’t feel that I’m not the right person or that I want to leave. ” He has been training the team since April 2017. On June 16, 2020, this time the theoretical chance that SC Paderborn would go beyond a flying visit to the Bundesliga ended.

Baumgart and the players had shown their full commitment again despite the sporty hopeless situation of the bottom of the table in the 0-1 away against 1. FC Union Berlin. They fought, tried everything, but also within their means. So far, Paderborn has only achieved a measly four wins in 32 games – so few in German professional football otherwise only reach FC Carl Zeiss Jena, who is already a relegated player in the third division.

Against Baumgart’s heart club, the co-climber from Köpenick, where the coach still lives, as before, it was simply not enough against other competitors. Ben Zolinski’s own goal sealed the descent, for which the Paderborn team had been preparing and preparing for a long time. It was the 20th defeat for the East Westphalia, which was only relegation rank 16 or relegation rank on the first three game days of the memorable Corona season.

On June 20, there will be a quiet farewell home at the ghost game against Champions League contender Borussia Mönchengladbach, on June 27 at 5:30 p.m. the Bundesliga adventure will be over for the time being. “The disappointment is there, no question. But you have to see what we have done in recent years. You can be proud of that,” said captain Christian Strohdiek.

He had to be replaced early in the stadium at the old forester’s house with a torn muscle in his thigh. The season is over for him. “It is a shame to say goodbye. But we are so well positioned that we will now try again in the 2nd Bundesliga,” he emphasized. With which staff and which trainer, the analysis will result.

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