Brawn: There are eight World Cup titles in eight races on one continent

( – It is not yet clear how many races the Formula 1 season 2020 will include. This week the premier class released a preliminary European calendar that included eight races. The aim is to organize further overseas races after these eight events. In the current corona crisis, however, it is not certain whether this will actually be possible.

Ross Brawn

According to Ross Brawn, there will definitely be a Formula 1 world champion in 2020



So what would happen if, in the worst case, only the races previously announced could take place? The World Automobile Federation (FIA) actually prescribes that races must be held on at least three different continents for a championship to count as a world championship. In 2020 one would make an exception.

At least that is what Formula 1 sports director Ross Brawn assures in an interview with ‘’. “In theory, the eight European races are enough for a world championship,” he clarifies. In any case, Brawn does not assume that the events in Austria, Hungary, Great Britain, Spain, Belgium and Italy will remain.

Brawn: The situation changes almost every day

It was “a challenge” to put together the other calendar. “But I think it was also a challenge to put together the European season,” explains Brawn, recalling: “Two or three weeks ago or a month ago, it still looked impossible.” Nevertheless, they managed to create a “neat” calendar.

The biggest problem of Formula 1 at the moment is that long-term planning is hardly possible because nobody knows how the situation around the corona virus will develop in the coming months. “The situation changes almost daily. It is getting better overall, but there are still countries where the situation is worst,” said Brawn.

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Formula 1 boss Chase Carey recently said that they didn’t want to put any unnecessary pressure on the calendar from autumn. And Brawn also emphasizes that you want to give yourself and the affected organizers time. He cites Mexico as an example, where the organizers definitely want to hold a Grand Prix this year.

“There are different options. I think we will put together a decent season,” said Brawn, who doesn’t want to say what the full calendar will look like. “If you go to some in a day [Rennen] is confident, it will change again the next day, “he explains.

Hockenheim currently does not plan A

He therefore does not want to “speculate” which countries will make it into the further calendar and which will not. “But I think there will be enough races to have a good season,” said Brawn. The main problem with overseas races is the high cost. Races in Europe would be significantly cheaper for Formula 1 and its ten teams.

Brawn explains that there are several things to consider. “The financial aspect is one of them”, he confirms and at the same time explains that a complete cancellation of the 2020 season was never an option. That was what ex-Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone had asked for. “I think that would not be a good thing. I think Formula One would be much worse off,” said Brawn.

Brawn also confirms that the Hockenheimring – like Imola for example – is still one of the replacement candidates if other races cannot take place. “They are options, but not options that we are currently pursuing. We are simply examining what is possible,” said the Formula 1 sports director in this context.

You are “happy” that you have these alternatives as Plan B. “We are currently trying to pursue Plan A,” Brawn emphasizes. And Plan A is to start an overseas tour after the end of the European season. Only the coming months will show whether or where that will actually be possible.

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