“Borat” star tricked Trump’s lawyer – and caught him with a young woman in a hotel

As the British newspaper “The Guardian” reports, the compromising scene could have consequences for Giuliani’s reputation. In the said scene, Giuliani can be seen reaching into his pants and apparently touching his genitals while lying on a bed, in the presence of the actress who plays Borat’s daughter.

According to the report, she had posed as a television journalist to Giuliani and had a fake interview with him in a hotel. Then she persuaded him to go for a drink in the hotel room, which was equipped with hidden cameras.

“Borat” interrupts Giuliani’s fiddling in the film scene

After she took the microphone from him there, you can see Giuliani lying on the bed, fiddling with his shirt and reaching into his pants. They are then interrupted by “Borat” who runs in and says, “She is 15 years old. She is too old for you.”

Giuliani or one of his representatives could not be reached at the request of the “Guardian”, as the newspaper writes. News of the incident first surfaced on July 7, when the former New York mayor and current Trump attorney called the New York police to report the intrusion of an unusually dressed man.

Giuliani described the situation in the “New York Post”

“This man comes running up and wore a crazy outfit,” quoted The Guardian from a report in the US newspaper “New York Post” on the situation. “It was a pink bikini with lace under a transparent mesh top, it looked absurd. He had a beard, bare legs and was not what I would call distracting attractive,” said Giuliani accordingly.

He stated, “This person comes in screaming and yelling and I thought it must be a scam or blackmail, so I reported it to the police. Then he ran away.” The police then determined in their investigation that no crime had been committed.

Giuliani was not particularly exposed afterwards. “I didn’t realize until later that it must have been Sacha Baron Cohen. I thought of all the people he had fooled before and I felt good because he hadn’t caught me,” said the lawyer. However, many viewers of the film may have seen it differently, writes “The Guardian”.

Giuliani is a key figure in the US election campaign

Giuliani had become a key figure in the late-stage US presidential election after procuring a laptop hard drive that supposedly belonged to Joe Biden’s son Hunter and was left in a Delaware repair shop. It is said to have been evidence to show that Joe Biden was said to have orchestrated deals with Ukrainian energy companies while he was Vice President of Barack Obama.

Giuliani’s efforts to unearth political filth on Trump’s White House rivals could be torpedoed with the humiliating footage from “Borat Subsequent Movie”. Giuliani’s credibility will definitely suffer as a result. The film, which will be released on Amazon Prime less than two weeks before the election, ends with an instruction to viewers to vote and can thus be viewed as a deliberate election campaign against President Trump.

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