Binotto teases against Mercedes: is about “responsibility” for Formula 1

( – In 2020 there will be no qualifying races in Formula 1. The majority of the teams were in favor of the idea of ​​replacing the normal qualification for the second race in Spielberg and Silverstone with a 30-minute race in which the World Cup standings are started in reverse order.

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The Mercedes veto is not well received by Mattia Binotto



However, a corresponding change would only have been possible with the unanimity of all ten teams. This was missing because, among other things, Mercedes blocked the idea. It is interesting that with Ferrari and Red Bull the two other top teams voted for the plan. The Mercedes veto is correspondingly poorly received by them.

After Red Bull team boss Christian Horner had already voiced criticism, Ferrari’s Mattia Binotto now follows up with clear words. In an interview with ‘RaceFans’ he explains that it is a question of “responsibility” for Formula 1 to compromise on certain things. This also includes the idea of ​​the qualifying races.

“I think we have at Ferrari [in letzter Zeit] accepts a lot of compromises, “says Binotto. He reminded, among other things, that a large-scale development freeze had been agreed for 2020 and 2021,” although we know that we certainly don’t have the best car at the moment. “Another example is the budget limit.

Binotto: “If only I had looked at Ferrari …”

This was originally expected to be $ 175 million a year, but has now been reduced to $ 145 million. “If I had only looked at Ferrari, I would have voted against a reduction in the budget limit,” said Binotto. In both examples, however, the larger overall picture was considered.

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“We understand the current situation. We have made compromises that are good for sport but not for ourselves,” he clarifies. That’s why the Ferrari team boss thinks it’s a shame that the qualifying races will not take place in 2020 because, in addition to Formula 1 and FIA, “most teams” were also in favor of the idea.

Sometimes you have to “compromise” so that show and sport in Formula 1 “go in the right direction,” said Binotto. He does not name specific names, but it is clear that his criticism is primarily directed at Mercedes. Because there you make no secret of voting against the proposal.

Would 2020 have been “the right test platform”?

Toto Wolff recently fought critics and said the qualifying races were “an opportunistic suggestion to give some teams an edge.” Binotto sees it differently and explains: “We think 2020 will be a difficult season anyway.” It reminds of the extraordinary circumstances with a shortened calendar and Co.

“We have to try to offer something to our fans,” the Italian clarifies and explains: “We have to make sure that we deliver the best show for the future of Formula 1. And I think the sprint race on the second race weekend at the same route would have been a solution. “

2020, in his opinion, would have been “the right test platform” for the idea, because it is unlikely that Formula 1 will come into the situation again in the near future to have two races in two weeks on the same track. You have now missed this opportunity.

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