Big concern for Ligue 1

LFP president Vincent Labrune does not hide his doubts as he faces the financial difficulties of Mediapro, the championship broadcaster.

Vincent Labrune is having a difficult start to his mandate. The new president of the LFP must manage a financial crisis, amplified by the difficulties of Mediapro, who refuses to pay the TV rights of Ligue 1. A situation which can only worry the French clubs.

“If I weren’t worried about the finances of our clubs, I would be irresponsible, explains the president of the LFP in the columns of L’Equipe. And all the more so since the French clubs unfortunately did not realize half of the capital gains on the sale of players that were planned for the year, obviously due to the impact of the health crisis on the economy of clubs traditionally buyers of our players. “

Difficult relations between Mediapro and the League

The clubs did not sell well during the summer transfer window, held back by the Covid-19 and its consequences. The Mediapro case was added, and Ligue 1 didn’t need that. Labrune is angry with the Sino-Spanish group. “At a minimum, we will say that this taints the relationship of trust! “, explains the former OM president.

And according to Labrune, the fact that Mediapro deplores few subscriptions on its Téléfoot channel is no excuse for not paying. “Basically, this raises questions about the overall Mediapro project in France and the capacity of this group to meet its contractual and financial obligations vis-à-vis the LFP and French football. Because make no mistake: it is not audible to hear that these drafts should be paid for by subscriptions. Even a record number of subscribers at the end of September would by no means have paid a quarter of the bill.. In other words, Labrune recalls that Mediapro had promised to invest in French football, even if it meant accepting losses at first. It is too early to leave the ship.

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