Biden to star Democratic high mass

Joe Biden delivers the most important speech of his long political career on Thursday, closing the Democratic nomination convention for the November 3 presidential election, and the day after a speech by Barack Obama that sparked the ire of Donald Trump.

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On the fourth and final night of the convention, the 77-year-old former vice-president will formally accept his party’s nomination, and deliver a speech from his home town of Wilmington at 10 p.m. (0200 GMT), without an audience, but that tens of millions of Americans are expected to follow online and on television.

The Republican president occupies the field. He travels to Pennsylvania on Thursday, a stone’s throw from Joe Biden’s hometown of Scranton, and he’ll be appearing on Fox News an hour before his opponent’s big speech.

Barack Obama’s indictment against his successor on Wednesday night was the most severe he has issued in four years.

“I hoped, for the good of our country, that Donald Trump could show the desire to take his role seriously, that he could feel the weight of the office,” said Mr. Obama.

“But he never did,” added the first black president of the United States. He “only treated the presidency as a reality show that he can use to get the attention he badly needs,” said Obama, the third ex-president to back Joe Biden at the convention afterwards. Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

In contrast, the only living former Republican president, George W. Bush, has made it known he will not vote for Donald Trump.

” Cruelty ”

Against Barack Obama, Donald Trump replied sharply on Wednesday: “Look at how bad he was, how ineffective he was,” he said.

Against Joe Biden, closely associated with the eight-year presidency Obama as his vice president and referred to as a “brother,” the Trumpist line of attack is that he will be China’s lackey.

“They would take over our country! The president tweeted on Thursday.

With 74 days before the election, Americans polled by pollsters have overwhelmingly lost confidence in Donald Trump for his management of the country, especially the COVID-19 pandemic.

All week, that is the angle that the Democrats chose to pound the incumbent president.

Vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris in her own inauguration speech on Wednesday denounced the billionaire’s “enduring chaos”, “incompetence” and “cruelty”.

The former attorney general, daughter of a Jamaican father and Indian mother, called for mobilization to avoid another setback, following the – unexpected – of Hillary Clinton in 2016.

“Donald Trump’s lack of leadership has cost the country lives”, she said, referring to the epidemic that has claimed more than 170,000 lives in the United States.

“We deserve much better! Also said the senator from California, 55, who could write a new chapter in American history on November 3 by becoming the first woman to become vice-president.

The Democratic convention, spread like every four years over four days, is held entirely online this year, in a rhythmic format of two hours per evening, with shortened speeches. It is, as is tradition, an opportunity to showcase new personalities, and pride of place this year has been reserved for Pete Buttigieg, a 38-year-old moderate Democrat, and one of the revelations of the early primaries. of the year, which will also ensure a good audience.

As for the Republicans, their convention, largely virtual, will take place next week. Mr. Trump will deliver his speech from the White House.

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