Biden accuses Trump of wanting to eliminate Obamacare

The Democratic candidate for the White House, Joe Biden, accused US President Donald Trump on Sunday of wanting to install a conservative judge on the Supreme Court only to be able to “eliminate” the Obamacare health insurance in the midst of the pandemic. .

He again demanded that the Senate not rule on the judge appointed by Republican billionaire Amy Coney Barrett on Saturday before the November 3 presidential election. Donald Trump hopes that the appointment of this magistrate, called to replace the late progressive judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, will be validated by the Senate before the ballot.

“Never in the history of our nation has a Supreme Court judge been appointed and installed when a presidential election is already underway,” he said during a brief press conference in Wilmington, his city in the state of Delaware. Voting has in fact started in several states.

“President Trump has been trying for four years to eliminate theAffordable Care Act Joe Biden said of the health insurance bill passed when he was vice president. “Now this government thinks it has suddenly found a loophole with the tragic death of Judge Ginsburg,” he said.

“We are still in the midst of the worst global health crisis in a century,” “and yet the Trump administration calls on the Supreme Court to repeal everythingAffordable Care Act “, Denounced the Democratic candidate, believing that this would risk in the future depriving health insurance of many patients who will have had COVID-19.

“It’s unfortunate that the president is so disrespectful and is rushing to do this. Nevertheless, it is like that. Vote. The cure for everything he does is vote, vote, vote, “Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told CNN.

Barring a huge surprise, Amy Coney Barrett, 48, will strengthen the conservative majority within this key institution which settles the great debates of American society.

The parliamentary hearings of the judge-designate, which are set to begin on October 12, will therefore punctuate the campaign until the vote on her name, which Republicans hope to hold just days before the presidential election.

It’s unfortunate that the president is so disrespectful and is rushing to do this. Nevertheless, it is like that. Vote. The cure for all he does is vote, vote, vote

The Democrats are therefore trying to shake the specter of a Supreme Court lasting on the right to mobilize their electorate, in particular in defense of Obamacare, the health insurance law adopted when Joe Biden was in the White House as vice-president by Barack Obama.

According to a poll released Sunday by the New York Times, 57% of Americans support Obamacare, compared to only 38% who oppose it.

However, Donald Trump intends to arrive at his first televised presidential debate on Tuesday, crowned with his base, the choice of Amy Coney Barrett, a magistrate known for her traditionalist religious convictions, to sit on the Supreme Court as a result. the death of progressive judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg. He hopes it will galvanize the Christian right, on which he relied heavily in his surprise election four years ago, and beyond the entire Conservative camp, to catch up in the polls.

He again predicted Sunday, on the Fox News channel, a “rapid” confirmation of this appointment by the Senate, where his Republican camp has the majority, despite the last wishes of the judge “RBG” who had asked not to be replaced before the inauguration in January of the winner of the presidential election.

Trump accuses Biden of doping

Donald Trump on Sunday called for doping control for his Democratic presidential opponent Joe Biden in Tuesday’s much-anticipated televised debate.

“I will firmly demand a doping test for sleeping Joe Biden before or after the debate on Tuesday night,” the President of the United States tweeted. “His performance in the debates was UNMATCHED like never before, to put it mildly. Only drugs could they cause these deviations ??? Added the Republican billionaire, behind in the polls, while assuring that he would agree “of course” to submit to the same test.

Asked at a press conference, Joe Biden, smiling, declined to comment on the subject.

The 74-year-old incumbent continues to mock the alleged lack of dynamism of his 77-year-old rival, even suggesting some form of senility in the former vice-president. But with his Sunday post, he also seemed to want to take the lead in the event of Joe Biden’s good performance on Tuesday.

Known for his blunders and slips, sometimes overtaken by his youthful stuttering, the Democrat admitted on Saturday that the televised confrontation would be “difficult”.

The old politician who, in the name of health precautions linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, is leading a more discreet campaign than that of the former businessman and rarely exposes himself to contradiction , will rarely be in the spotlight. Two other debates between them are scheduled before the presidential election on November 3.

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