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In a few days, we will be able to discover Nathan in the land of pirates, the very first children’s book by singer and director Anik Jean. Until then, we can also take the opportunity to discover our favorite books.

Of all the books you read in your youth, which was your biggest favorite?

The little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. My father, who was a pilot, told me the story, so I read it when I was young. I also read it to my son Nathan.

For young children, what would be your list of essentials today?

  • Books in the collection The great imagery (Editions Fleurus), including Monsters or The man. With their beautiful illustrations and descriptions, they are very interesting for learning in children.
  • Books in the collection The wolf (Editions Auzou). Nathan and I found this wolf a lot of fun!
  • The first volume of My favorite tales (published by Éditions Phidal), in which there is among others Hansel and Gretel, Golden curls, Little Red Riding Hood and Tom Thumb. Nathan loved that I read tales to him at night, he loved this book.

And when it comes to adult novels, what titles would immediately slip into this list?

  • by Patrick Sénécal. I am a great admirer of Patrick Senécal and is my favorite Quebec psychological thriller.
  • Into the wild by Jon Krakauer. This is the true story of Chris McCandless, who left his social life to live in the forest in Alaska … where he was found dead.
  • Silk by Alessandro Baricco. A beautiful story of impossible love.
  • Illusions: the recalcitrant messiah by Richard Bach. My dad made me read this book, and then I also wanted to become a pilot!

Over the past few months, what have been your main favorites?

These are not new things, but books by Nathan that I have read! There is The good big giant by Roald Dahl, a beautiful and touching story. There is also 10,000 zombies by Alexander Cox and David Hartman. A very cool book where we can create our own zombie stories.

Is there a book you can hardly live without?

The prophecy of the Andes by James Redfield. This is a book that I have read many times, and I love it. There always comes a time in my life when I need to read it. This book calms me down, makes me enter a world, makes me travel. He explains that there are no coincidences in life, that our path is already marked, and that is sobering.

And which one have you lent most often so far?

A book on pregnancy, Expect a child by Maggie Blott. In fact, I bought it from all my friends who were going to have a first child. This book was my bible when I was pregnant. He answered a lot of my questions and he taught me a lot about pregnancy, because he explains everything that is going to happen during these nine months.

Can you tell us about the very last book you read?

Those over there by Patrick Senécal, a story about death, which I adored. I have a special relationship with death and Patrick Senécal, who is a friend of mine, used to tell me that it was the thing that scared him the most. So I found the way he talked about it in this book very interesting.

What can we see on your bedside table right now?

The institute by Stephen King, which I’ve just started reading. As I am a great admirer of thrillers psychological, my husband gave it to me.

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