Because of the weather at the Nürburgring: Daniel Ricciardo expects a “crazy” race

( – Snow is not to be expected, but the Formula 1 drivers at the Grand Prix of the Eifel this weekend expect truly frosty temperatures. On race Sunday, the low temperature is two, the maximum temperature is just eight degrees Celsius. A real endurance test for driver and material.


How uncomfortable is the weather at the Nürburgring for Formula 1?



The cold conditions will make it more difficult for the teams to get their cars and tires running and could contribute to a certain degree of unpredictability – especially since Formula 1 is returning to the Nürburgring for the first time since 2013.

“The weather forecast looks pretty cold and wet, so it will be very different from our last races, where it was warm. It will be interesting to see how the car behaves under these conditions,” said Renault driver Daniel Ricciardo ahead. “All in all, it could be a pretty unpredictable weekend this time of year, so we have a crazy race ahead of us.”

Horner advises: It’s best to take a winter jacket with you

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner also knows: “It will be a challenge. I was there in May and when I opened the curtains I saw snow! I have also seen a race being canceled in the past . “

From his point of view, anything can happen. “It could be a wonderful autumn weekend and the sun could shine every day that we drive there. But you have to be prepared for everything and take a winter jacket with you, because I think you will need it,” said the Briton of the expected temperatures on.

A Nürburgring lap on the Mercedes simulator

Esteban Gutierrez drives a lap on the Nürburgring in the simulator of the Mercedes team and explains the pitfalls of the famous track

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The teams’ main focus as they tackle the weekend will be that the tires work properly – although the cold conditions make it particularly difficult to get the harder compounds into the right working window. Should there be rain showers, the teams must also be careful with the allocation of rain tires and intermediates.

Seidl: Used to cold temperatures from winter tests

Ciaron Pilbeam, Renault’s chief race engineer, explains: “We need to focus on getting the tires running in dry conditions and how and when to use our limited number of rain tires and intermediates when rain is forecast for the weekend becomes.”

McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl, however, does not believe that the teams will have too much difficulty. “Ultimately, in my opinion, it depends a lot on the choice of tires or how the tires work – especially when the track temperatures are cold. But it’s the same challenge for everyone.” And also not a completely unknown one.

Because the German remembers it: “We test in Barcelona in winter, where the temperatures on the racetrack are below 10 degrees in the mornings, and the cars are so powerful because the tires have grip.”

(A constantly updated weather forecast with the prospects for Formula 1 at the Nürburgring is available here.)

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