Baum succeeds Wagner as Schalke trainer

Gelsenkirchen (dpa) – The next one, please! Manuel Baum is supposed to lead FC Schalke 04, which was recently known for quick coach changes, out of one of its biggest sporting crises.

The 41-year-old former U18 national coach will succeed David Wagner, who was on leave on Sunday, as head coach of the bottom of the table in the Bundesliga. At his side is Naldo, who is revered as a cult figure at the Revierclub, and who surprisingly returns to Gelsenkirchen after the end of his active career.

Baum could not be frightened by the dubious sporting and financial situation of his new club. “Schalke 04 is a terrific club with an incredible amount of tradition and sporting potential. Our most urgent task is to give the team a sense of achievement again as quickly as possible, in training and in the game. I am convinced of the quality of our squad,” commented Bayer signed a contract dated June 30, 2022 on Wednesday. The former Augsburg coach led his first session in the evening.

The Revierclub surprised even more than with the signing of Baum with the return of Naldo, who is to assist the new head coach. For the 38-year-old former central defender, who was considered to be a guarantee for Schalke’s success from 2016 to January 2019 and who ended his career last summer, it is the first engagement of this kind. “Hopefully Naldo will bring the sun back for us Over 500 competitive games a big win for the new coaching team. He knows Schalke very well. The combination of human and sporting competence was decisive for us, “commented Schneider.

Baum and Naldo have a difficult inheritance. The previous coach Wagner was on leave on Sunday after 18 Bundesliga games without a win. Schalke had never experienced such a negative series before. After the capital failure of the season with the 8-0 defeat in Munich and the 3-1 defeat against Bremen, the club management’s trust in Wagner’s work was exhausted.

Schneider is hoping for a quick recovery of the ailing club: “We have to get back into our shoes now, the dry spell has been going on for many too long.” The new coach should help: “With Manuel Baum we were able to win an absolute expert for Schalke 04. If you look at his stations, you will see that his teams always had clear structures and processes on the field. That’s our current one Situation is a very important factor. “

Baum has to live with several handicaps. After all, the squad has been considered difficult for years. In addition, there are the financial problems of the Gelsenkirchen team, who announced liabilities of 205.3 million euros just a few hours before the new coach was signed. After two years without qualifying for the European Cup and because of the ongoing Corona crisis, the former permanent guest of the Champions League is forced to follow a rigid austerity course.

The club is also known for its high wear and tear on coaches. Since the turn of the millennium, more than 20 football teachers including interim solutions have tried their luck “at” Schalke. The numerous premature releases caused costs that contributed to the financial difficulties of the club and thwarted the desire for sporting continuity.

Probably because of the difficult situation of the worst Bundesliga team in 2020, Schneider was forced to ignore big names when looking for a coach. “Many people think the tree is too small,” commented the new coach on any reservations.

After separating from Wagner, the former Schalke coach Ralf Rangnick initially expressed sympathy for his ex-club and declared: “I’m free”. Just one day later, the 62-year-old clearly canceled. “At the moment I can’t even imagine coming to Schalke 04 a third time, and certainly not as a coach who is supposed to end the negative series at short notice,” Rangnick had told the Funke media group.

In addition to Baum, the former Bayern professional Mark van Bommel and Dimitrios Grammozis were last candidates. Van Bommel was a coach at PSV Eindhoven until December 2019. Grammozis had placed Darmstadt 98 in fifth place in the last second division season, but then couldn’t agree on an extension of his contract with the Hessians.

The highly acclaimed return of Naldo could be seen as a concession to fans who are following the development of their club with increasing concern. The Brazilian, who also has German citizenship, is approaching his new area of ​​responsibility with great anticipation: “It feels good to be back at Schalke. Everyone knows that I have taken the club into my heart. I want all of this, What I learned in my almost 19 years as a professional, I now use it as a member of the coaching staff and support Manuel Baum as much as possible.

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