Barron Trump: Melania becomes a “tiger mom” when it comes to the “first boy”

Hardly any public appearances: When it comes to her only son Barron, Melania Trump becomes clear as rarely

It has been a few weeks since Melania Trump made her son Barron’s corona infection public. A rare move by the first lady. For in the four years of Donald Trump’s presidency hardly any details about America’s “first boy” came to light. The 14-year-old was initially celebrated as a secret internet star.

It is US election night in 2016. TV footage shows Donald Trump, just elected 45th President of the United States, steps onto a stage in New York City. Close behind him is his youngest son, Barron Trump. In contrast to his jubilant father, the 10-year-old boy simply looks tired. After all, it’s now around 3:00 a.m. Even at the beginning of Donald Trump’s victory speech, Barron Trump visibly had to struggle to keep his eyes open. He has to yawn again and again.

He was later celebrated on the Internet as a “secret popular figure” on this memorable night. Many Twitter users showed solidarity with Barron Trump. In reference to the election result, which was very surprising for many, one user provided a picture of the boy squinting with the comment: “We are all Barron Trump.” Others converted the photo into a meme and ironically titled it with lines like “If not yours Son wants to see you as president ”or“ The moment you realize that you have to move into a smaller house. ”

Barron Trump’s corona infection: Donald Trump used it for political purposes

After the youngest member of the “First Family” briefly advanced to an involuntary Internet star four years ago, it had become quiet about Barron Trump. Until a few weeks ago. Donald Trump used the corona infection of his now 14-year-old son to advertise the reopening of schools in the USA.

At a campaign rally in Iowa about two weeks ago, he said, “Barron is just fine. He had the corona virus for such a short time, I think he didn’t even know he had it. “The US head of state has made polarizing statements like this almost every day in recent years. That the 74-year-old was his youngest Including son, however, is a real rarity.

Public appearances by Barron Trump are a real rarity

Little is known about the only child together with Trump’s third wife Melania Trump. While the daughters of Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama regularly posed for official photos, there was no trace of Barron Trump himself on the White House Christmas cards. In the few press photos that exist of him, you can usually see the Trump offspring getting on and off the presidential aircraft “Air Force One”.

As an incident in December 2019 shows, the first lady in particular seems to attach great importance to the privacy of her son. When the democratic constitutional lawyer Pamela Karlan used the presidential offspring for a joke during the impeachment proceedings against Trump, Melania Trump tweeted: “An underage child deserves privacy and should be kept out of politics.” are ashamed to be so “angry and unbiased” and to use a child for their own purposes.

Clear words from a president’s wife who otherwise prefers to stay in the background. The ex-model, who was born in Slovenia, is considered an unconventional first lady anyway – there is just as much speculation about her as about her marriage to Donald Trump.

In favor of the son: Melania Trump is said to have renegotiated the marriage contract after the election victory

Mary Jordan, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for the Washington Post, published the book “The Art of Her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump” in the United States in June Story of Melania Trump ”). It says that the first lady renegotiated the marriage contract after her husband’s election victory. For the now 50-year-old, the main concern was the well-being of their son.

The renegotiation was also the reason for Melania and Barron Trump’s late entry into the White House. The official reason at the time was that the first lady did not want her son to have to interrupt the current school year in New York.

According to journalist Jordan, this is not entirely wrong. Melania Trump was also about a means of pressure to renegotiate the marriage contract. You wanted to make sure that Barron Trump “in terms of financial opportunities and inheritance would be equal to Trump’s three oldest children”.

Barron Trump is said to be American and Slovenian citizens – for good reason

Daughter Ivanka Trump comes from Donald Trump’s first marriage and is an official advisor to her father in the White House. The sons Donald Jr. and Eric Trump currently hold responsibility for Trump’s companies. He also has a daughter from his second marriage to actress Marla Marples. Tiffany Trump unexpectedly took the stage at the Republican nomination party conference for her father.

The book goes on to say that the now 14-year-old has both Slovenian and American citizenship. As Jordan writes in her publication, Melania Trump believes that this should later enable him to work for the Trump organization in Europe.

Whether Barron Trump will remain “First Boy” of the United States for another four years will be decided in a few days. The US presidential election will take place on November 3rd. Republican Donald Trump is up against Democrat Joe Biden. In recent polls, Donald Trump is behind his challenger. But as the Victory Night four years ago proved, such surveys have only limited informative value.

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