Balotelli accused of rape files a complaint

Implicated by a young woman who accuses her of rape of a minor, Mario Balotelli filed a complaint for attempted extortion.

New controversy for Mario Balotelli. And this time, the case goes beyond football, since the Italian international is accused of rape against a minor. To believe Nice morning, the facts would go back to the summer of 2017 as it evolved in Nice. After a match against Ajax Amsterdam, the Italian international allegedly found the complainant, 16, in a Nice nightclub.

At the request of the transalpine attacker, the two protagonists, who would have known each other via Instagram shortly before the facts, would then have joined a more discreet place where they would have had a sexual relationship, not consented according to the complainant and which would have continued on a private beach. “I felt like crying. I didn’t want things to happen like this but I was completely at the mercy of this man: I felt paralyzed, blocked ”, she said.

100,000 euros claimed

According to the version of the former Marseillais, sexual intercourse was on the contrary consented and the complainant also lied about her age by showing her the photo of a cousin’s identity document. “Super Mario” claims to be the victim of blackmail and is said to have complained as of the end of 2017, against the young woman but also her lawyer, that is to say before the complainant lodged a complaint in January 2018.

“I filed a complaint because if you are blackmailed and pay, you have a bad conscience. I didn’t do anything wrong and I’m not willing to pay to keep a lie in the papers. The truth will come out “, he assured toIl Giornale di Vicenza.

Proof of his good faith, he ensures that there would have been other sexual relations after this initial meeting, the young woman eventually asking him for 100,000 euros by threatening to file a complaint. According to the Venetian daily, the complainant and her lawyer should be the subject of a trial.

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