Back to school novels to watch

Every year there are always a lot of new foreign novels on the program. To help you see more clearly, here are the ones that caught our attention.

Nickel Boys

Thanks to this book, the American writer Colson Whitehead won a second Pulitzer of fiction. Which is to say, expect something good. Very good, even. Because history, which is based on real events, will take us to Florida, to a disciplinary school that should have long since closed because of its nightmarish methods. Bad luck, the young Elwood Curtis will be sent there by mistake. What’s more, the day he should have entered college.

Colson Whitehead having granted us an interview, we can tell you more next week.

► Already in bookstores

Like an empire within an empire

The art of losing, the previous novel by writer and playwright Alice Zeniter, won a host of awards, including the high school Goncourt. What about this one? As we have not yet had the chance to read it, all we know for now is that it is going to stage a parliamentary assistant and a computer hacker in her thirties who will meet, talk to and support each other. For in today’s world, there will never be enough of two to escape state surveillance.

► Already in bookstores

Twilight and dawn

With this new novel expected to run at no less than 850 pages, Welsh writer Ken Follett will apparently allow us to discover the time before The pillars of the earth. A time when England, then ruled by Ethelred the Misguided, was regularly plundered by the Vikings and attacked by the Welsh. A time when Kingsbridge, which was not even a real village yet, will be the scene of an astonishing number of shenanigans, scum and villainy … One of the back-to-school books that everyone is eagerly awaiting !

► Release planned in bookstores on September 17

The deceitful life of adults

All those who have devoured with delight the four volumes of the famous saga The prodigious friend will surely go for this new title from Elena Ferrante. We will meet Giovanna, a young 12-year-old Neapolitan who, quite by chance, will hear her father compare her to Vittoria, the rather naughty aunt he has always hated. Can you guess the rest? Yes, Giovanna will try to find this aunt, who is believed to live in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Naples. In Italy, this initiation novel was a huge success.

► Release planned in bookstores around mid-September


You have to see what the English and American press said or wrote about this book. Here is an overview: “One of the greatest books of the century”, “An incomparable masterpiece”, “Without doubt one of the most important books of the decade” … In short, a must-have for more than 1000 pages in which a stay-at-home mom from Ohio will deliver absolutely everything that crosses her mind: the companies that pollute, her children, her former job as a teacher, the cinnamon rolls she owes prepare, the disturbing decisions of the president … The good news is that it seems that it really reads itself.

► Release planned in bookstores on September 16

Other attractions not to be missed

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