Aulas’ pressure on Garcia

While he says he supports his coach Rudi Garcia in this delicate period in terms of results, OL president Jean-Michel Aulas is warning the former Roman coach.

We have to trust people who have experience and support with all our strength the players and Rudi », Proclaims this Tuesday evening on OLTV Jean-Michel Aulas. So far, nothing new in the speech of the Lyon president, who has always publicly supported his coach. Even if it means placing the players in front of their responsibilities, which the Rhone boss persists in doing: ” The players are the main culprits when it comes to scoring goals. The coach makes sure that we create the opportunities …

That being said, the results for Les Gones are startling at the start of the season, they who have achieved little more than one success in six days and so far have the 14th record of the elite. So “JMA” recalls that Juninho, his sporting director, has all the power to determine if Garcia is the right man for the job. ” If he ever (Juni, editor’s note) change of opinion (about Garcia, editor’s note) or that the results are not correct this year, obviously we will have to review our position.

“Take him back, maybe, if we’re in C1”

Aouar, Depay and Dembélé remained in the fold, Jean-Michel Aulas believes that Rudi Garcia has the necessary weapons to meet the – high – ambitions of the club. ” Our goal is more than ever to be in the top two places in the championship. We can consider at the moment T that we have done everything right in terms of the players. We kept all our best players and there will be no excuses on one side or the other for not making the right decisions. Now that the transfer window is over, we have people who will be there all season and Rudi knows he has only one guess: to win!

Just to add a layer in terms of pressure, the president of OL emphasizes that the former Marseille technician and his staff will end their contract next June. ” We’ll make sure we wait until the end of December – the first part of the championship – to watch what happens and be completely free. We made sure to align everyone with their contract on June 30 so that we are free to take on the coach that suits us or to renew him, perhaps, if we are in the Champions League. “And to conclude:” Only the results and the content will tell us what needs to be done in the future.

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