ASSE: Ruffier is still talking

AS Saint-Etienne took stock of the situation of its goalkeeper, Stéphane Ruffier, sidelined by Claude Puel since last winter.

TheAS Saint-Etienne published a press release on its official website on Monday evening regarding the situation of Stephane Ruffier, under contract until June 2021 and dismissed by Claude Puel since last February. “The legal committee of the Professional Football League rejected Stéphane Ruffier of his requests concerning the challenge of the disciplinary sanctions imposed on him by AS Saint-Étienne. On this point, the Commission considered that it was not for it to rule on their merits or even to assess their proportionality ‘, thus let know the Forez club.

“ASSE is nonetheless surprised that the legal committee can demand the” reinstatement “of Stéphane Ruffier when he has never been sidelined, ASSE continued. The club intends to reaffirm that the player benefits, in strict compliance with the provisions of the Professional Football Charter, from the same training conditions as all of his teammates and that he can participate in as many sessions, if not more, than previous seasons. Consequently, ASSE decided, on this point, to refer the matter to the National Partial Appeal Commission. “ The Ruffier soap opera is not over.

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