As Trump celebrates Barrett’s triumph, he’s fooling the nation in virus drama

Trump had proposed Barrett to the Supreme Court himself – and got his preferred candidate through in less than a month. It received the votes of 52 Republican Senate members. The 47 Democrats and with Susan Collins also a Republican voted against them on Monday evening (local time).

Trump uses the appointment to hide the corona situation

The nomination of Barrett for life cemented the strong conservative majority in the Supreme Court with six out of nine seats. Even before the vote, which has now taken place, there was strong criticism from among the ranks of the Democrats. Trump challenger Joe Biden had demanded that the succession of the late judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg should not be settled until the winner of the election on November 3rd.

The appointment of Barrett takes advantage of Trump to To deceive again about the precarious Corona situation in the USA. Well over eight million positive cases have already been reported in the country and more than 225,000 deaths are reported.

Trump appeared shortly before Barrett’s appointment Election campaign events in Pennsylvania – and that despite the state again record numbers of new infections reports. Even before the performance, several doctors had asked Trump in a letter not to visit the state. Trump came anyway, downplaying the situation again, saying that too much importance would be attached to the coronavirus pandemic so close to the election.

Barrett swearing in despite another outbreak in the White House

A little later, Trump traveled back to Washington DC to swear in Barrett’s. Just an hour after the Senate vote, Barrett took the oath on the constitution in a glamorous ceremony in front of guests on the South Meadow of the White House. Even though there is one renewed corona outbreak in the vicinity of the White House gives.

This time, however, it does not affect the immediate environment of the president, but that of his vice, Mike Pence. Five people in the inner circle of the Trump deputy have now tested positive for the corona virus.

Ceremony brings back bad Corona memories

The solemn ceremony involuntarily brings back memories of Barrett’s first appearance at the White House just over a month ago, when Trump nominated her for the Supreme Court seat. After the event, at which there was hardly any distance and only individual participants wore masks, were at least twelve people – including Trump himself – tested positive for the virus.

Now the chairs were distributed a little further apart on the lawn and most of those present wore masks. The fact that at least five people in the vicinity of the Vice President tested positive, however, makes US health experts angry. There are again allegations that Trump is putting his own political interests above public health.

Barrett’s appointment is central to Trump’s political future

The quick implementation of Trump’s plan could also benefit him personally. Because already in her first few weeks in office Barrett will deal with “Obamacare”, the health reform of ex-President Barack Obama in the Supreme Court. Trump hopes that the reform will be abolished – with another conservative judge at the Supreme Court, his chances of this have not decreased.

Furthermore, decisions on the right to abortion and same-sex marriages are pending in the near future. The Supreme Court will also look into reports of Trump’s questionable tax payments – all of which could have a major impact on Trump’s political future. In addition, Trump had already announced that if he lost, he would challenge the upcoming election in the Supreme Court.

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