Apple empire strikes back Fortnite publisher

Apple persists and signs: According to him Fortnite deserves to be excluded from the App Store and its publisher, Epic Games, deserves to lose its access to programming tools, since it has broken the terms of the contract with the giant of the electronics and technologies.

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Lawyers for the group made their case in documents filed Friday in California court.

“After deciding that it would rather enjoy the benefits of the App Store without paying, Epic broke its contracts with Apple, using its own customers and Apple customers as leverage,” the company said.

At the heart of the battle: Apple takes 30% of the revenue generated by businesses that go through the App Store to distribute their apps to consumers on the brand’s devices, from iPhones to tablets.

But, according to Epic Games (and other companies), that’s way too much. The publisher tried last week to bypass iOS’s payment system (operating software), but Apple immediately removed the popular survival shooter from the App Store.

Apple further threatened to cut Epic Games’s access to a developer program needed to distribute other apps on iOS and to run its Unreal Engine video creation platform.

It is used by various clients of the publisher, design studios for video games, films and shows.

Epic Games has filed a complaint against Apple and its “tyrannical tax” for abuse of a dominant position.

“Self-inflicted injuries”

On Monday, the company also asked the court to pass a restraining order against Apple, to “prevent it from crushing Epic even before the trial takes place”, explaining that the damage caused to its activities, its reputation and to the confidence of its customers will be “neither measurable nor repairable”.

Restraining orders are not a remedy for “self-inflicted injuries,” Apple responded on Friday, recalling that it is prepared to reinstall the game and access to the program if Epic Games agrees to return to the contract.

The Silicon Valley-based company is regularly accused of monopolistic behavior because it alone defines the terms of a must-have platform for accessing users of Apple products, and is both judge and jury.

She defends this by explaining that the commissions, which are standard on other equivalent stores, are used to protect applications and their users from hackers and scams.

Lawyers note on Friday that if other developers also decided to bypass the App Store, “the public would not benefit, and Apple users would be the victims, because they would lose the experience of the App. Store in terms of respect for privacy, security and quality ”.

Epic Games has launched a marketing campaign to rally tens of millions of users to its cause.

“Rotten apple”

“All your friends. Incredible prices. And a bad apple ”: it is in these terms that the developer encourages the players to participate Sunday in the tournament called“ #FreeFortnite Cup ”(The Cup“ Free Fortnite ”) and to join the fight“ against the App Store ”on social networks, before finding himself excluded from the next season of the game, which comes out on August 27.

Participants will be able to win an avatar that looks like a criminal in costume, with a head in the shape of a grumpy apple with dark glasses.

“We also offer 1,200 game equipment (smartphones, consoles and PCs). Just because you can’t play on iOS doesn’t mean there aren’t some other great places to play Fortnite. Be one of the 1,200 best apple eaters in the world to win one of these awards, ”said Epic Games in a statement released Friday.

Prices include Samsung tablets, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo consoles, etc.

“Despite the monopoly accusations against the App Store, Mr Sweeney (boss of Epic Games, Editor’s note) tweets about the availability of Fortnite on Samsung,” note sarcastically, Apple’s lawyers.

Epic Gamers had also attempted to install an alternative in-game payment system distributed through Android, Google’s operating system, found on the majority of non-Apple devices.

Fortnite has therefore been removed from the Google Play Store as well, but Android players can download the app by other means, such as the Epic Games Store.

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